Alix’s Vintage Bookshelf :: George the Gentle Giant

This book has such fun little pictures…and the story is pretty cute too. Both the tale and the drawings are by Adelaide Hall and the year was 1965 (which is why the Giant is sportin’ them thar mod pilgrim cuffs!).

These little strawberry drinkies in the picnic scene are pretty amazing! And the ice cream cones….

I just love the way the water is so geometric….all those little triangles!

So sweet! Tomorrow is Friday….hope you have a weekend of giant-sized fun!

3 thoughts on “Alix’s Vintage Bookshelf :: George the Gentle Giant

  1. This was my favorite book as a child (I’m 48 now!). Thank you so much for posting it here on your page. I enjoyed reading it again. What wonderful memories!

  2. Thank you for posting the book, George the Gentle Giant! I owned this book as a child in the ’60’s and lost it over the years. Seeing this book brings back so many memories…I think it meant even more because George reminded me of my big brother,John, who was 13 yrs. older than me and a 6’2″ high school football player. Despite his size, he was a gentle soul, and I climbed all over him just like the people in George the Gentle Giant did. A wonderful book dealing with misconceptions about what someone looks like verses what they are like inside. I lost my brother John this past September, so finding this post meant the world to me ~ it brought back wonderful memories, reading it again after all these years! Thanks so much! It meant more than you’ll ever know!

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