ALT SUMMIT Finale // Say Yes to Thriftin’

ALIX: We go to ALT for the camaraderie. To connect. To re-connect. To be inspired. And of course…..TO THRIFT!

DOTTIE: Hah, totally! Of course we love meeting so many new and fabulous friends, but we were SO looking forward to a morning of Thrift Goodness, which happened on the very last day.

ALIX: The lovely Liz Stanley (Say Yes to Hoboken) organized the first trip last year and it was such a great way to decompress after all the sessions and parties and hob nobbing. We knew we HAD to go again.

DOTTIE: Someone was teasing us and asked if this was a session where we learned how to thrift! Haha. Can you imagine?

ALIX: Oh that would be Tracy (shutterbean) who said that! She’s my favorite smart aleck. So nooo. We don’t learn how to thrift, we just spend the afternoon checking out a variety of shops and then having a leisurely lunch with the ladies. Liz was kind enough to drive us around in her thrift mobile. I found this fresh young fella hanging out in her back seat. Ooh lala. But on with our day….

DOTTIE: First stop: Deseret Industries. Oh my stars, I love this place. It’s a straight up thrift store (much like Goodwill) but it’s local to the area. Last year I scored the most amazing little dressies for the Peach here!

ALIX: I think this year there was even more vintage goodness to be found. I was trying like mad to figure out a way to smuggle these awesome yellow chairs into the overhead bin as carry-ons!! Oh, and what about your rockin’ plaid suitcase?

DOTTIE: YES! My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I spied not one…not two…but THREE pristine plaid gems. I managed to resist and only bought one. Hey, it was a practical purchase. To bring all of my thrifted goodies home in. Mwahahaha!!

ALIX: I think the people working there thought we were all crazy, because EVERYONE was taking pictures all along the way!

ALIX: Then we were off to Decades. I swear you walk in and trumpets and a chorus of vintage angels start calling out. This place is IT!

DOTTIE: Oh tell me about it. This place rules. It’s not a thrift store, but an amazing vintage shop filled with so many treasures, you wouldn’t believe it!

image on right:  liz stanley image below: jenny mitchell

ALIX: Everyone was racing around ooh-ing and ahhing. It’s all so beautifully organized and curated. I could have spent HOURS in there.

DOTTIE: I managed to score some lovely pieces and even some great shirts for my sweetie.

 ALIX: I had to control myself! I think I could have walked away with a zillion hand bags and at least 5 new suitcases!

DOTTIE: Let it be known you did buy a handbag. Or two! How many is that now? 42? I kid, I kid! OK, so the last spot is Abode, and its one of my favorites. It’s tiny compared to the other two but chocked full of charm!

ALIX: I *always* manage to find something awesome there—and shout out to Miriam! Our fave SLC shop proprietress!

ALIX: Nice cans, lady….

DOTTIE: Hee. These alllllmost came home with me too. You found some lovely treasures too!

ALIX: I am in love with that necklace that Jenny found for me. It’s perfection! And I loooved the dress you found tucked away in the back.

DOTTIE: One of my favorite moments? Finding that dress that was labelled “James Bond Won’t Be Able to Resist You In This!”  And the dress was a pretty but somewhat puritanical high-necked prom gown! Hah!

ALIX: Hahahaha. That was our new mantra. “Should I buy these eye glasses?” “James Bond won’t be able to resist you in them…..”

image: anna jones

DOTTIE: So then we made our way, trunk packed, to Les Madeleines. Home of the Kouign-amann. Our new addiction.

ALIX: Oh man, I’m SOO glad you insisted we get one. That was a little bite of heaven. It looked like an ordinary pastry but was the tastiest thing ever!

Some of our thriftin’ dream team: tabitha (glitter and ganache), dayle (madebysodapop) and of course our fabulous roomie Jenny (frecklewonder)!

DOTTIE: And then to add to the magic of our day….it began to snow. And when Salt Lake decides its gonna snow, they don’t mess around!

ALIX: Seriously! It was fabulous! Giant clusters of snowflakes cover everything in a blanket. Just amazing. And yes. We took 5,000 photos.

ALIX: We really found some amazing stuff. My favorite part was heading back to the hotel room and spreading out all the wonderful stuff  you and Jenny and I scored on the bed. SUCH great goodies!

DOTTIE: Only downside to thrifting? Packing it all up!!

ALIX & DOTTIE: We had an amazing time. Special thanks again to our rockin’ tour guide Liz Stanley…..and watch out Salt Lake City! We’re comin’ back for YOU!

14 thoughts on “ALT SUMMIT Finale // Say Yes to Thriftin’

  1. Looks like so much fun!! Love that picture–the time to buy an antique is when you find it. Ain’t that the truth! I don’t know how you could pass up so many good suitcases–I would’ve rented a car to drive back with everything!

    1. Ah! That’s because I was gabbing yer ear off! Expect an email, lady!

      And next time, you are totally coming along! BTW, Alix even bought a pair of pant because they looked so much like your fab ensemble for the White Party!

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