A Dottie Update on New Year’s Goals

Well, my friends, it has been a grand year so far for my 2013 year goals. I must admit I did great on some and completely failed on others. I didn’t get to a museum for the past two months. Well, I’ll try to be better about that, since there are some genius exhibits going on right now in the Bay Area.

But I’m pleased to report I’m acing the dresses! I’m wearing more dresses and adding new ones to the mix.

As far as being crafty every day, I can honestly say I’m plugging away! I made two darling little smocks for the Peach from a vintage pattern that I’d been meaning to do for ages:

Did you notice something missing in this shot?  Like the Peach actually wearing one of them?


Even though she approved the fabric and the pattern, she proved to be every bit a female and changed her mind—refusing to wear these for even one photo. Blast that child! Ah well… This is just a sign that I shouldn’t be sewing for her but instead for myself.

I love vintage clothing (as you all know so well) but according to a friend of mine who is studying vintage clothing for her PhD. thesis, the well for vintage clothing is slowly drying up. Therefore the next viable option is to make my own dresses using vintage patterns.

Makes sense right? So I started to buy some beauties too.

But right now my weight is a bit of a moving target, so I have decided to instead focus on longer lasting craft projects that won’t be outgrown by me or the Peach.

The solution? Stay tuned. (Any guesses? For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I’ve been leaving clues…)



5 thoughts on “A Dottie Update on New Year’s Goals

  1. You looked fabulous in that grey and red number the other night! I have been trying to jumpstart myself back into sewing but it’s been slow going. I am actually hoping to make a dress to wear to Karen’s wedding, so I better crank it up a notch! Or maybe I can just wear one of the Peach’s castoffs (on my head)?

    1. Moe–you are so sweet! I hear you on the sewing. And you are my hero for sewing a dress for the wedding! In a way you have to make a your own dress to match the marvelousness of that hat!!

  2. WOW. You are looking fantastic, Dottie! Really. We might have to have another little get together to talk more about what’s working for you, to see if it’ll work for me! I was worried you were going to donate all of your dresses to Baby Doe’s fundraiser, but maybe you just had to make room for the new. 🙂

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