I Want to Work Here.

 photo HipOffice_1.jpg

OK. I think I found my dream office. I just need to move to Southern California. Sigh. Award-winning graphic design studio Ty Mattson recently expanded his office space and the result is really fab—warm, hip and functional. Working as a freelance creative in advertising I’ve seen quite a few spaces. Some great. Others not so much. This pretty much beats them all. Modern, mid-century and lots of playful pops of color. Take a gander!

 photo HipOffice_2.jpg

 photo HipOffice_3.jpg

 photo HipOffice_4.jpg

 photo HipOffice_7.jpg

 photo HipOffice_8.jpg

 photo HipOffice_6.jpg

 photo HipOffice_5.jpg

To see the full space, swing by Allan Peters. {found via Blood & Champagne/whoreange}

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