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And so it begins

I always loved the parade of bed-headed little kids that followed their parents into Starbucks Sunday morning wearing a tutu or a super hero cape. And patiently waited for my turn.

Well, it happened. Not a cape. Not a tutu. But a kitty swim cap.

I think she wears it well.

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Posted in Real Life : Dottie.

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  1. lishyloo says

    she is soooo freaking adorable!

    tru wears his dalmatian costume from halloween a lot. sometimes people mistake him for a cow.

    • Dottie says

      I love that Tru rocks the dalmation costume! What a little cutie patootie!

  2. Tarrin says

    Long-time reader, first-time commenter!

    As a former age-group swimmer, she’s a kid after my own heart! Swim caps have apparently gotten so much cuter since my day. I recognize the local diner backdrop, so I will be on the lookout for future fashion statements from your kiddo next time I grab brunch there 🙂

    • Alix says

      YAY for first time commenter!!!! Thanks Tarrin….I love you were a swimmer too.

    • Dottie says

      Tarrin! Delighted to see you hear on the blog!

      Yeah–my little Tadpole is loving her little swim cap something fierce. Although I would love to get her one of the floral ones from way back when. Tee hee!

  3. kodie says

    oh wow! that is a random article to grow an attachment to!

    • Dottie says

      I know. It’s rather a “unique” choice, but hey, I’m happy to let her wear if it stops a potential breakdown…

  4. MrsAgatha says

    Super cute!

  5. RocketGirl says

    SO CUTE!

  6. Dottie says

    Ladies, all of your comments made my and the little one’s day.

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