Best Holiday Jammies

(Jody from Rocket City Digs)

As a kid, I always remember knowing that Christmas was within arms reach when I put on my new holiday pajamas on December 24th.  I couldn’t meet Santa Claus in any old outfit. I had to dressed to the nines should I perchance run into Mr. C. while he was snacking on one of my sugar cookies.

With my own childhood memories in mind, I was determined to do a fun round up of holiday pajamas. But I must admit I came up rather empty handed at first. People, there isn’t that much in the way of sweet winter pajamas for boys.  I found more than a half dozen pajamas littered with skulls (in pink as well as black) and tons of Disney characters and superheroes, but not too many that would make Kris Kringle smile.   Fortunately, Alix came to the rescue and found a few goodies that I’d love to share with you all and after a few hours I too found a few more. So here is our list of the best holiday pajamas out there!!

First Janie and Jack had some darling little outfits for boys and girls. This gingham nightgown has my heart.  And these little man plaid pajamas look like something that would be worn by Bobby Draper on Mad Men.

This sweet little Mickey Mouse and Pluto pajamas hearken back to a sweet innocent Disney era that just makes me so happy.

Garnet Hill has a wonderful selection of beautiful winter wonderland pajamas that look like are perfect for unwrapping presents in.

Aren’t these stripey boys pajamas the best?  Even theGrinch would have to smile when he saw these!

Of course the grand dame of night gowns, Lanz would have a good set of pajamas. So sweet and plaid and ruffly!

Hanna Anderson always does right by holiday pajamas and this year doesn’t disappoint. For boys and girls!

You can also go for the embroidered pajamas–Pottery Barn has a wonderful selection of pajamas for the kiddos with their names on–which means hand-me-down are out, but that super special feeling of having your own pajamas with your name on them is certainly in!

But really, why should all of the kids have fun?  The Company Store has outfits for all!

So, did you do the new pajamas for Christmas and do you plan on doing the same for your kiddos?

15 thoughts on “Best Holiday Jammies

    1. I love the little nick and nora ones too…..Dottie and I were cracking up looking for jammies, though. They were surpisingly hard to find! So many were like flannel with SKULLS on them. What’s Christmassy about that???!!

  1. Our matching pajamas were such a tradition that when I was 14, and my mom didn’t buy them for us–“I thought you were too old for it!”–my sister and I hopped in the car to town, went to Ames, and bought three sets of solid-colored longjohns, one for each of us and our brother.

    Now, of course, my sister’s got in an order for a family set of PJs. I still need to get mine and RocketMan’s for this year!

    1. As I was writing this post I thought I HAD to feature Jody’s matching holiday outfits. My personal favorite is the little cap. That is so awesome it causes me physical pain.

      I can’t wait to see the years of matching pajamas family photos from you, Jody!

    1. I luurve Small Paul– I actually looked for them, but couldn’t find any that were specifically holidayish. But Small Paul is THE best line for affordable boys clothing hands down!

  2. My favorite top is actually a minnie mouse pajama nightgown I found at a thrift shop. I’m pretty sure I had the same one as a little girl expect back then it fit like a night gown not a top. I love getting new pjs every christmas eve… it’s my favorite of all our holiday season. Well except when mom gets me something that is a tad embarrassing to wear around the family ;P

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