Besty of Etsy:: Children’s Clothing Out of Vintage Linens.

I love vintage linens. And I also adore finding stained vintage linens with lovely embroidery that I can purchase for a at estate sales. I get particularly excited when I see a piece that has stunning embroidery but a stain that I can buy for usually around a dollar or two.  I keep putting them away,  dreaming of a time when I can use them in some sweet outfit for the Peach. With all of my spare time, and all…

That’s why I was so delighted to come across three terrific Etsy sellers who sell beautiful handmade pieces for children that feature vintage linens.

First let’s take a look at Jackie Spicer’s little shop on Etsy., whose little jacket starts off this post.  Oh, this lady had me weeping with joy over the obscene cuteness of her little hand made jackets for children.

Oh, for the love of kitties, would you look at this one?

The birdies are killing me. KILLING ME!

These booties from Etsy seller Big Little makes me want to reproduce so badly, just so I have some snuggly widdle footies to put in them. I DIE!  They put Robeez to shame. And I love Robeez!!!

How nice would these be as a shower gift for a Fall baby?

I am totally in love with these laminated vintage linen bibs that keep the beautiful embroidery safe from baby splashes. Utterly gorgeous! Genius from Etsy seller, The Land of Sparkle!

I love the sweet gingham edging too!

I know this is just the tippy tip of all the vintage linen ideas out there, and it makes me feel good knowing that someone out there is doing this.  And hopefully it will inspire me to do the same!

16 thoughts on “Besty of Etsy:: Children’s Clothing Out of Vintage Linens.

    1. Amber–you are so crafty that you could totally do this! I was thinking of making a basic pinafore and then using the embroidered part of the vintage linen as a pocket!

      How’s pregnancy coming along for you, lady?

    1. I know–thank goodness it isn’t Peach’s size of I would have bought it. I but Ruby would look oh so cute in it. Not that she doesn’t look super cute in everything! Tee hee!!!

  1. Amazing! I made my daughter a baby blanket from vintage linens…boy I wish I could make something like these! I have both my grandmother’s and my great-grandmother’s linens. I have made bibs before with the laminated fabric, but
    that edging rocks!

    1. Oh, but your kids would be so darn cute and well dressed… Is it right to want someone to have a kid, just because you know that kid would be a well dressed darling?

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