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Besty of Etsy: Matte Stephens.

Matte Stephens, you have my heart.

Because my heart thinks there is nothing more charming than a scuba diving gent with an eyepatch and pipe trying to charm a bouffant-wearing mermaid with a strategically place trout.


Oh and then, there is THIS. Every cat should wear a monocle and bow tie. And carry an nice brolly too.

And speaking of umbrellas…

Glasses on toast? OK–and let’s add some to the bacon.  What’s so funny, Senor sausage?

I love your palette of muted greens and oranges.  They are worth decorating a whole nursery around.  Anyone?


Thanks for making my day, Matte! I hope he made yours too.


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7 Responses

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  1. yoli says

    How enchanting. The first one is devine.

  2. kara rane says

    i feel happier,,love this, fun times,

  3. Amber Liddle says

    OOhhhh, he is my absolute favorite! I have like ten of his prints in my favorites. I just have to decide which one to get for Otis’ room!!!

  4. Alix says

    Matte is one of my favorites too…..his work just makes me so happy!

  5. Dottie says

    Yay! I’m totally crushing on him. And seriously–would those colors be great for a boy’s room?

  6. daisy says

    the breakfast plate is very ‘party in my tummy so yummy so yummy’!

  7. Amber @ Amber, Dom & Baby Make 3! says

    These are gorgeous! I could totally see doing a whole nursery around a color scheme like that! Nice find.

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