Besty of Etsy: Oiseaux

The first time I remember writing my name was on the inside cover of one of my Golden Books along with my age.

I’ve had a wonderful love affair with books throughout my life.  They are dear friends to me and I love to see that same relationship blossom in the Peach.  I love to hear her ask for “Peach’s book”.

I like to claim my books as my own and I’m sure this is what led to my obsession with book plates. Because there is something so special about having something with YOUR name on it.  I have many a friend with a slightly unusual name who bristle at the memory of not finding his or her name on the personalized bike plate selection.

That’s why I’m so happy Oiseaux exists. Wonderful and inexpensive personlized bookplates for children (and adults, ahem…)

What a beautiful gift for a child along with a few favorite books from your own childhood.

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