Presenting: Alix’s Retro Holiday Mix vol 1

The past two years I have made some super fun Holiday Mixes. Here’s a “re-print” of last year’s post and the link to download. Enjoy!

Christmas time  is without a doubt my favorite time of year! It has been ever since I was a little girl. I love the lights. I love decorations. And I LOVE THE MUSIC. As a result, I have been collecting vintage Christmas records for ages—there is something about a holiday song played on a hi-fi that makes it even more festive. Reminds me of the music my parents would play for us when we were kiddos.

Back in the day, Christmas music was so much more fun and interesting. Nowadays I feel like all we get are the “diva” croonings of the latest R&B star slaughtering an old carol with vocal acrobatics. In the 50s, 60s, and even 70s people actually wrote new christmas songs and did innovative versions of old standards. And here were TONS of compilations featuring all the stars of the day. I especially loved the album artwork—take a look at just a few of these:

This next one has a rather worn and uninteresting-looking cover (bowl of apples by the roaring fire, anyone?) oh ho, but just you wait!

Open this lovely LP up and see what’s inside……

A pop-up house! It’s so cute and adorable….

But on to the REAL reason behind today’s post. As most of you know I’m an obsessive thrifter and vintage lover….and as a result I have amassed a big collection of cheesy-but-delightful holiday records. Over the past years I have wanted to digitize my vinyl as a way to preserve it—and so I could share it with others. I’ve transformed a fair amount of my albums to MP3 and thanks to the help of my super cool friend Spencer, I’ve managed to build a fun menagerie of retro MP3s. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite vintage holiday tunes! So without further ado, presenting:

ALIX’S Retro Holiday Mix! Vol. 1
It’s all goofy “cocktails-by-the-fire” kinda music. Some highlights?

“Too Fat for the Chimney” — Gisele Mackenzie
“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” — Loretta Young
“A Christmas Song” — Shawn Phillips (sorta dixieland cowboy xmas)

And of course the groovy smooth sounds of David Cassidy
“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”— The Partridge Family

It’s an eclectic mix and I’ve played it non-stop the past few years. Feel free to link here and share the Christmas love!


Volume 2 will be coming up on Friday!

14 thoughts on “Presenting: Alix’s Retro Holiday Mix vol 1

  1. This is awesome! I just started collecting vintage Christmas albums and so far….I haven’t found too many winners…hehe. I’m excited to listen to your collection–I bet it will have the sounds that I’m craving to hear!! Thanks so much for making it!

  2. super excited for this!!!!!!!! I’ve been playing your last mix at the shop on sundays. happy little antique shoppers just bopping around to Too Fat For The Chimney! TOO FAT! FOR THE CHIMNEY!

    love it!!!!!!!

    1. It’s cute because Wolfie has been subjected to it for the past 2 years now, and I heard him singing “Too Fat for the Chimney!” the other day, in a little sweet voice. hahaha!
      Mix 3 has some good stuff coming up! Fingers crossed I get it done by Friday!

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