Chairman of the Board // Rich Uncle

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I love vintage boardgames. They’re lots of fun to play but they also have excellent graphics. Often I find games that are simply older versions of current games—CLUE, Battleship, and Go to the Head of the Class. But I love it when I stumble upon a game I’ve never heard of before. Like RICH UNCLE!

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This quirky game board stands vertically by attaching to the side of the open box, and has 36 different spaces that correspond with the possible dice results. Oh and apparently the “Rich Uncle” is Uncle Pennybags, the portly, top hat wearing fella from Monopoly! Who knew?? He looks a bit different here because this is the 1965 edition of the game.

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What are some of your favorite board games to play? We’re partial to Clue, Trouble, Monopoly (Wolfie got Monopoly Millionaire for Christmas…I’m a fan of Monopoly Jr., which has a shorter game time than the original—which can last FOREVERRRRRR).

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  1. am looking for Rich Uncle Game. Had one years ago, don’t know what happened to it but really enjoyed it, Please state price if you can find one

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