That time Dottie joined a bowling team

OK–I know this sounds nutty and it is, but…

I joined a bowling league. And let me tell you, it has made Monday nights so much fun!

Karen from the Dames aux Gateaux started a bowling team over the summer of 2012 and asked if anyone wanted to take over the place of one of her members for the Fall league. And the response was amazing!  More than a dozen ladies signed up and we’ve been at it every Monday night since September at the historic Albany Bowl!

Now for me, bowling isn’t something I grew up doing a lot other than the random game every year or so. But there was something so cool looking about it in the vintage snaps I would find in most bowling alleys. For me it wasn’t necessarily about the game as it was meeting some wonderful ladies!

I must admit, I love that we often wear dresses when bowling.  Moe on the left makes her own dresses out of vintage patterns and Taggy Lee on the right almost exclusively wears dresses all the time. I love to see what she’ll come in wearing.

Speaking of vintage bowling style, I had to share these amazing photos…

I kinda need those zebra print pants…

One of the best parts of bowling of course are the accoutrements of the game. I actually now own bowling shoes very similar to the ones above. And I’m trying to get up the gumption to buy my own ball.  And there are some FIERCE balls out there.  I would totally buy the rose in acrylic ball, but they only make them in 14 lb balls and I use a 10 lb ball. Sigh…

And would you check out the terrific bowling bags too?  What can I say–the ladies know how to shop!

And a few of the luckier ladies have these great little towels. I’m not sure what they are used for… Wiping down the ball, I think?

Lucky Karen with her monogrammed vintage towel! So jealous!

But don’t let the paraphernalia fool you.  We really do bowl.

I wouldn’t say I bowl well. Afterall, my self appointed nickname is the Guttersnipe, but for me it is all about hanging with the gals and spending a lot of time laughing, which to me sounds like a great way to spend a Monday night.

I’d be lying if it weren’t a little bit of a dream come true to belong to a bowling league. After all, my two favorite TV besties played. And when in doubt, it is always good to base social decisions on LaVerne & Shirley.

Now, to get my bowling shirt monogrammed with a big L.




9 thoughts on “That time Dottie joined a bowling team

  1. SO much fun! I wish I could make the time to join you guys, but I just can’t get over there when I’m workin’ in the City. Sigh. I’ll have to come watch. And while I’m pretty mediocre at playing, I DO have my own lil beige and pink bowling shoes! haha

  2. Bowling League is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s my favorite part of Monday now and the ladies I’ve met through our little Pin Pals group are all so fun and wonderful and FABULOUS. And I actually feel that bowling in a skirt helps me keep my ball in control. BEND AT THE KNEES, LADIES.

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