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Color is Wunderschön.

I just love mid-century graphic design—and finding it from other countries is especially satisfying. Just look at these wonderful images I’ve collected over the years from various German magazines and print ads:


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  1. Amber Liddle says

    Love love love!! I went to school for German and have a crazy fondness for the language. Add to that colorful midcentury style and you’ve got me hooked!!

    • Alix says

      I’ll have to post some German vintage kiddo books now!!

  2. jenny says

    WOWWWWWWWWW! These are all so amazing! Is this the kind of incredible stuff that’s coming out of Basement Clean 2012?!?!?!??!!??!!

    FRAME ‘EM, toots!

  3. kristin says

    These are fantastic! Love ’em!

  4. naehmarie says

    wow, really wunderschön! 🙂 what a great collection, I’ve never seen one of them before.

    • Alix says

      I’m glad you like them, lovely marie!!

  5. Katherinemarie says

    I just adore the colors!!!!!! Darling… You always find the sweetest collections.

    • Alix says

      oh thank you so much…..that means a lot to me!

  6. Dottie says

    Could we talk about the swimsuit with the flashy sides that the Pez fellow is wearing? I love it!

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