Countdown to Kiddo!! We’re back Monday!

HURRRRRAY!!!! We are nearly back. Did you miss us? Because WE MISSED YOU! We have such a fun community of readers over here and I really truly missed every one of you.

So, it may have looked like things were A-OK on the surface, but lemme tell ya, we had a “situation” (and no, it didn’t involve rock-hard abs and trashy attitude). It was a bit of a process but we successfully moved everything over and started anew. THANK YOU to Miss Dottie’s amazing hubs, Eric for all his hard work!! Also, thank YOU GUYS so much. I can’t tell you how many people wrote to me offering help and words of encouragement.

Life was busy as can be in other areas, so oddly having a week off was a welcome break….but we are rarin’ to go! Make sure we’re on your readers and PLEASE leave a little comment to let us know you are still out there, lovely ones!!

I leave you with this. As I was searching for a run retro rocket photo, these babies came up in my search. I think it’s a sign that at least one of us here needs NEW SHOES. How cute are they?? You can shop ’em HERE.

Love & Rockets,

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