Cover Lovers // Groovy Album Art

When it comes to vintage record albums, it’s TOTALLY ok to judge a book by its cover! Even if the inside record is a bit beat up, the cover can still sing. I’ve started posting some fun record finds on instagram—you can follow along too if you like! I’m @galexina over there. Post your own record finds and tag me  and the tag #coverlover so I can find you too! I’m also thinking this could be a good way to document cool things without buying them…..hmmm,

3 thoughts on “Cover Lovers // Groovy Album Art

  1. I love the artist who thought it would be great to put a picture of a boy pulling a cat’s tail as great album cover art!

    Actually that cover is insane–it includes so many little mini stories–just genius, actually!

  2. I scored the greatest record the other day with these fantastic animals on it. Sure enough, the record itself was for crap but I opted to pay the buck anyway and have it displayed on Hooper’s shelf in his new room. It’s become one of my favorite things.

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