CRAFTOBER: Swinging Seventies Crafting with McCall’s!

As you know, I love a good vintage craft book! And this one is a holy grail of awesomeness!

Published in 1975, this sweet craft book has the best seventies crafts one could imagine.  And some that really should be brought back–like this wonderful tissue paper lampshade designs.

There are some great pottery ideas–like this wee unicorn!

Am I’m head over heels over these royal little candle holders. Kinda want to make ’em!

But a seventies craft book couldn’t be a seventies craft book without a big chapter on MACRAME!!!

Check out these sweet knotted bits of crafty goodness!

I would die of joy to find this necklace at an estate sale…

Oh, but there are some goodies for the gents in the form of batik ties, natch!

I’d kinda want to get those sweet batik fishies too!

Oh seventies crafts, you are too good to be left in the seventies! When is macrame coming back?  All that is missing is a chapter on latch hook rugs.

Did you ever partake in macrame? Any of these crafts zinging with you?


7 thoughts on “CRAFTOBER: Swinging Seventies Crafting with McCall’s!

  1. Hah! I totally did macrame! I think it may have been my first craft. I used to make plant hangers from green jute, one which prominently featured a vinyl 7″ record near the top knot! But most obscenely, I had my Dad save his loveliest wine bottles and I made a macrame window display of them.

    Then, later in college I macrame’d many friendship bracelets, including one I recently found in my mother’s jewelry box when she passed away, and another that was 1.5 inches wide with a skull knotted into it for a punk friend. Sigh, I love the macrame.

  2. Anyone out there remember Zoom? I was an avid Zoom fan as a kid– of course, it was a big kid show {Sesame Street was for babies, Electric Company & Zoom was for the more mature & generally groovier kid– or at least that’s what I thought}. Anyway– I still have the Zoom craft book that I begged & pleaded with my Mom to get– & I’ll tell you what, no modern craft book comes close to being as cool! Tie-dying, macrame, candle making, sand sculpture– I used the heck out of that book, & my own kids did too!
    They just don’t make craft books like they used to, eh?

    1. I am now totally obsessed with finding that Zoom craft book and will share the images from it with all!

      And I totally remember Zoom and the Electric Company! Those were some seriously awesome shows!

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