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We here at Modern Kiddo are straight up pop culture junkies. Nothing makes us happier than reminiscing about our favorite TV shows we watched as kids. The other day we were talking and we realized how much of our vintage clothing sensibilities were influenced by some of the cool kids we saw on 70s television. Sooooo, we thought it would be fun to take a cruise down Nostalgia Lane and take a peek at some of the most stylish vintage kiddos out there! These handsomely clad kiddos were chosen by a very scientific process known as the Modern Kiddo Retro Diagnostic. It’s a unique three step process, which I am happy to share with you for the very first time. It goes something like this.

STEP ONE: Research

ALIX: Oh my god, do you remember that kid from Sigmund the Sea Monster?

STEP TWO: Analysis

DOTTIE: Oh my god, I loved that kid! He had those crazy plaid pants!!

STEP THREE: Implimentation

ALIX: Dude! Let’s totally put him on the list!!!!

See? A verrrrry scientific process.

Well let’s get to it, friends! Presenting, The Modern Kiddo Best Dressed Kids of Classic Television.


ALIX: Long before Emily the Strange was a glimmer in your eyeliner-rimmed eye, there was Wednesday Adams. She might have lived in a musty Gray Gardens-fab mansion, but this girl knew the power of the Little Black Dress early on. Of course, she did have a fabulous fashion muse, her mama Morticia!

DOTTIE: Absolutely! Where would all of those young goth girls crib their style from, if it weren’t for Miss Wednesday? I do love that she softens it with a peter pan collar and crisp white cuffs. Now if only she could find a more charming accessory than a headless doll…

ALIX: Let’s not forget about Pugsley, either. I am loving his “Gomez Lite” look—very suave!



ALIX: Awwww, OPIE! Honestly, this little feller is the quintessential vintage boy. From his awesome plaid button up shirts and cutie tees to his little cuffed jeans, this freckle-faced cutie is tops!

DOTTIE: I couldn’t agree more. And of course, Opie was the original purveyor of the stripey shirt…a look we’re gonna see a few more times today. Who knew that Ron Howard would be such a trend setter?? Oh, and you’re so right. Look at him working that cuffed jean!

ALIX: I just realized that Wolfie is rather “Opie-inspired” in his dress.


ALIX: Helllo….helllo….helllllllo…..HELLLLLO! [that’s me typing in four part harmony] OK, I admit it. I was OBSESSED with The Donny & Marie Show. I loved the outfits, the music and I thought Marie and her big ol shiny teeth were amazing!! Alas, they are too old to make the list. So we turn to their snappy brothers, who started America’s love with The Osmonds! These little gents wore some mighty dapper duds when they were little ones!

DOTTIE: I’m with you. I must say that my obsession with my Marie doll was twice that of Barbie. What can I say! I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. And yes—they totally got their sweet style from the original Osmond boys. Check out little Donny down there!

ALIX: Total aside. Back in the day I wanted a Donny & Marie doll SO badly but my mom would only let me get one. I convinced my cousin that she really wanted the Donny doll, so then I could get Marie and we would have both. Of course my poor cousin had no interest in a boy doll in a purple jump suit, so I was more than happy to relieve her of him so he could sing in blissful harmony with my Marieeeeeee! And yes. I still have them. In The Basement.


DOTTIE: Family Affair was a totally great show that ran in the late 60s. I remember catching it on re-runs. Rich Uncle Bill somehow ended up raising his brother’s kids—Cissy and twins Buffy & Jody—in his luxurious New York apartment. I think I can trace my love of redheads to that charmer Jody. Look at him up there, giving Mrs. Beasley the stink-eye! What a well dressed scamp! And that little Buffy, what a doll!

ALIX: Speaking of dolls, Buffy had a creepily fabulous, polka dot wearing “granny doll” named Mrs. Beasley. It was so awesomely random. The kicker, however, was Mr. French, the bearded “traditional English gentleman” who was inexplicably living with them. He’s the gent on the right with the umbrella. And a bowler hat that I kind of cut off. Sorry—I had to choose between the hat or Buffy’s shoes. It has to be said that everyone on the show had fab style, but today we’re talkin’ Buffy and Jody.

DOTTIE: Where oh where to begin? The perfect patent leather mary janes or the glorious dress?

ALIX: I personally love that she’s workin’ the pocket square! This young girl was WAY ahead of her time. So unusual to see on a little lady! Almost as unusual as that wrought iron thing-a-majiggy she’s standing in. What the heck is that anyway??

DOTTIE: I have no clue. But here’s a cool tidbit. Supposedly Cindy Brady hair was inspired by Buffy fab—who could blame her—those ringlets are fantastic!

ALIX: I have to say as a little girl I was really confused by a little boy named Jody. BUT he’s got some crazy style—cribbed, I’m sure, from the fantastic Mr. French. Oh! And don’t forget that Jody would go on to rock our world with his casual, “I’m just chillin’ with a walking/talking seaweed guy” attitude on Sigmund the Seamonster:



ALIX: “It’s a story….of a stylish family!” From 1969 -1974, these six rockin’ kiddos made us smile. But today we’ve got our spotlight on the two youngest Brady’s: Bobby and Cindy. Look at Bobby rockin’ the plaid pants!

DOTTIE: And with a patterned shirt, to boot!

ALIX: The Brady Boy’s wardrobe was such a great era in fashion. SO colorful and cool. But lets be honest. It was all about the girls. And not just Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Little Cindy had the best outfits.

DOTTIE: I must admit, I was OBSESSED with Cindy growing up. In fact I made my mother refer to me as Cindy. There was this one episode when she showed up in lace up white boots and I nearly dropped my rocket popsicle, I was so in awe of her!

ALIX: For me it was all about THE HAIR. “The youngest one in curls……” I sooo coveted those pigtails!!


DOTTIE: I think we can sum this one up in two words….PUFFY SHIRT.

ALIX: I think I would say this guy is Vest Dressed!

DOTTIE: Oh ho ho! And doesn’t he kinda look a bit like a young Christina Ricci in this next shot?? Also, is it just me or does he seems pretty handy with that flute?? Errr… ok. Let’s just say Freud would have a field day with this one.

ALIX: I’m speechless.



ALIX: OK. Nothing says FUN like a full on, family band! Sure they wore matching get ups (in velveteen no less!) when performing, but off duty? They were still incredibly stylish. Little Tracy and her mary janes? I think I looooove you!

DOTTIE: Could we talk about the awesomeness of the big yarn hair ties? That look needs to come back! And I kinda want that yellow tights/turtleneck denim jumper combo for myself.

ALIX: Shout out to manager Ruben Kincaid in his velveteen artist smock!

Alix: I love that Tracy wasn’t just girlie girl. She’s got the little sneaks and jeans combo down!

DOTTIE: Um, I’m sorry, is Mrs. Partridge wearing granny boots?? I die! It’s so Little House chic! I think I need to get some of those….

Alix: Focus, Miss Dottie! This is about the kiddos! Quick, take a look below at Tracy’s red, white and blue SKORT to center yourself!

DOTTIE: Right, right….OK, whew. I’m back on track!


ALIX: OK, OK. You need to lead this one off because I know of your special fondness for Laura Ingalls lady!

DOTTIE: Oooh totally. This was one of my all time favorites! Calico goodness! Aprons! A legion of girls were sportin’ their Gunne Sax prairie dresses and granny boots in a stylish homage to this brilliant show! I know you agree with me on this one, right??

ALIX: Um. So I have a confession. I never really watched this show much.


ALIX: I know, I know! BUT the one person who I DO remember? Nellie Olsen.

DOTTIE: Pardon me while I get back into the chair I just fell out of. OK. You are somewhat redeemed. I totally liked Nellie so much more just for her fabulous wardrobe!

ALIX: Yeah, why do all the mean girls get the best clothes? Nellie was always stylin’.

DOTTIE: I think I can summarize her fabulousness in two words: HAIR BOWS. Note to self: go as Nellie for Halloween…


ALIX: We’re gonna Zoom Zoom Zooma ZOOM! Please tell me you used to do that cool hand trick that Bernadette did!

DOTTIE: Please tell me you know how to say “that striped rugby shirt is brilliant” in hubbi dubbi talk!!

ALIX & DOTTIE: “Write ZOOM…… Z-Double-O-M, Box 3-5-0, Boston, Mass 0-2-1-3-4: send it to ZOOM!”


ALIX: Last but not least….one of my all time childhood favorites. Chastity Bono. I remember watching the Sonny & Cher Variety show with awe. Cher’s glittering costumes and flowing silky hair had me wide-eyed. At the end of every show she and Sonny would sing, “I Got You Babe,” which was one of my favorite songs. And little Chastity would come tottering out—usually in a really cool outfit that coordinated with her mom. I thought she was the most glamorous kid EVER.

DOTTIE: Wow. So much fashion fabulousness.

ALIX: Are we really going to ignore that clown back there?

DOTTIE: I think we must.

ALIX: Oh ho ho! Someone is workin’ the Nelly Olsen here!

DOTTIE: Don’t even try and name drop Prairie just to get back in my good graces, you sly thing!

ALIX: Hee. OK, well can I just say I’m partial to this sassy houndstooth goodness with the red accents? I love it!

DOTTIE: Of course we all know how this story ends. I’m not really sure what Chaz thinks of these funky ensembles, but I kinda hope he has fond memories of them! We sure do.

ALIX: So that’s it folks. That was too much fun, huh!

DOTTIE: Agreed! I think we had some smashing picks in the mix. But is there anyone we forgot? Hmmm.

ALIX: I can see it now…..Best Dressed TV Kiddos Goes 80s!
PS: Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know! I have a feeling we’ll be writing about this again…

8 thoughts on “Best of Kiddo // Best Dressed Retro TV Kids

    1. YES! We looove that Sally Draper! But alas, she wasn’t allowed because these were all people we watched back in the day who inspired us as kiddos! Did you ever see this post last year that was a peek into Sally Draper’s closet? So good! (item number 8!)

  1. Yesyesyes! Love her and her togs.

    OK, I have to give ups to Susan of Sesame Street as my style icon. No, no, not a kid… But have you SEEN her ensembles?

  2. Loved this. I thought you two would appreciate that I was named after a late 60s sitcom actress (Whitney Blake, real-life mother of Meredith Baxter-Birney). The show was called Hazel, after the wacky housekeeper of the traditional nuclear family. For the first 30 years of my life, all my parents could tell me was “Whitney Blake” but they could not remember for the life of them what the show was called. Enter IMDB. In recent years IMDB grew deep enough to contain this lost gem and my mom uncovered it and alerted me to her jogged memory. I would love to have a Hazel poster:

    I too wanted to be Cindy Brady. So what if I looked just like Melissa Gilbert? Those Nellie Olsen/Cindy Brady blonde ringlets were my dream.

  3. you must read nellie olsen’s bio if you have not already! i mean, some of it is super sad, she (the actress…too tired to remember her real name) had a VERY weird past but my favorite thing is her story of how she and laura used to go into grocery stores together (in real life they were best friends) and each go around the store in opposite directions. as people began to recognize them, they would start to WARN laura that nellie was in the store! lol! crackers! also, the girl who played mary was a total bizz. good stuff. speaking of 80s, adding a small wonder look alike dress to the shop in like 10 minutes, no lie. tova has a smaller version she will sport as like a 3t.

    1. ooooh no way! i didn’t even know she had a bio!!!! (by the way…Dance Moms Miami is soooooo not as good as the original. Even the dancers aren’t as good….I miss the Candy Apples Drama!)

  4. i’m dying over that backward-facing osmond brothers portrait. tempted to do this with my own family, but i would require a smaller behind and a third child.

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