Crafty Minx :: Googley Eye Cupcake Toppers.

I was browsing the adorable blog scrumdilly-do and stumbled upon these super cute googly eye cupcake toppers. The fabulous Jessica graciously let us reprint her tutorial so you could try ’em yourself. These lil suckas are so cute and really easy to make, I think you’ll love ’em.  Take it away Miss Jessica!

Hi everyone! Jessica here. If happiness came in a bag (and it wasn’t chocolate) I do think it may be googly eyes. There is just so much one can do with these little guys. It being fall and all and almost Halloween I think a little extra googly eye fun is in order. Yesterday’s post is a perfect example of how easy it is to play with these kooky things. Today, I want to show you how delightful a pack of eyes, a few toothpics, glue and paper punches or scissors can be. Viola…googly cupcake toppers! So, what are ya waiting for? Whip up a batch of pumpkin cupcakes or gingerbread muffins and while they are baking, let your kidlets loose to make all sorts of spooky-fun toppers. It’s an impromptu party! Yay for Halloween!

* toothpicks
* scrap paper, printed paper, newspaper
* paint of your choice
* paint brushes
* cup o water
* glue and/or glue stick
* various paper punches or scissors
* googly eyes
* markers (optional)

To make the same style of toppers I made here, set out newspaper or phone book pages and watercolors or other paint and have your wee ones paint away. Set aside to dry and let them give a stir or two to whatever cupcake or muffin you are baking. I made gingerbread cupcakes from this recipe. Make sure to work in an area that is happy for spills and mess, use a splat mat or wax paper to protect your table top if you need to.

Once dry, use a large scallop punch to punch out newspaper shapes, set aside. You can let your kidlets go to town here or you can give your paper a couple of folds and punch out multiples at a time. Use a smaller circular punch to cut out shapes from your printed or scrap paper. A solid page would be better for this but you can use whichever you want. Colored paper would be nice, and/or cardstock. I used an old library brochure.

Use the gluestick on the back of the scalloped circles and sandwich a toothpick between two of the. I found it easier to use a large gluestick and to put the circle on the gluestick rather than glob the gluestick all over the back of the circle. If your tots are going to use the gluestick like a pen, use a sheet of wax paper underneath to prevent extra sticking.

Next up, repeat the gluestick process with the smaller circles, one circle per topper. You can do both sides but you don’t need to.

Finally, use a small dab of glue to anchor a googly eye or two to the center of each paper circles combo (try saying that three times fast). Lay flat to dry.

When cupcakes are cool and yer ready to serve, plop a google-eyed topper into each cake and admire. Yay for impromptu party fun!

YAHOO LADY JEK! These are adorable.
Friends, Jessica is a talented crafter and photographer and has a super fun Flickr set under Jek-A-Go-Go. You may also remember her super duper cute niece Beatrice Bird who was a Weekly Kiddo! THANK YOU SO MUCH JESSICA!

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  1. Who doesn’t love a googly-eyed cupcake! and this is so easy! I love love love the painted newspaper idea too. Thanks so much for sharing scumdilly do!

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