Cutest little bad dog ever.

Our fabulous neighbors are so much fun…and in addition to being really cool, one of them is a baker. He pops by every so often with a treat from his bakery. It’s always this amazing array of goodies….sometimes eclairs. Sometimes carrot cake. One time this fancy thang:

So yummy! And a little while back, he brought over a giant apple pie. The kind that you see in nursery rhymes…..SO huge it looked like it wasn’t even real. It came in a big pink cake box. We were planning on eating it that evening, and so rather then stick it in the fridge…..i placed the box on a plate and set it in the sink. Avoiding the counter top and Sammy’s leggy advances. Sam is a fabulous dog, but he loooooves to snoop around the counter when we’re gone. His favorite thing is to drag the little scraps compost bin we have off the counter and nose around in it. So i figured, the sink was a safe bet. Except, someone is a crafty dog.

Yep. We came home and not only had he dragged the giant box out of the sink….he daintily ate every piece of crust, leaving only a neat little pile of apple filling. Well, at least he was tidy, right?

5 thoughts on “Cutest little bad dog ever.

  1. I have two black labs, they are so naughty – they pinch anything they can find. Found one who had snuck into Miss 12’s bedroom and stolen her gobstopper. Miss 11 forgot her sandwich when were getting in the car to go to school – ran back inside – too late! One of the dogs was enjoying it thoroughly! Bread is a big one, kids always forget to put it on top of the microwave. Also lost a 2kg piece of pork once that was defrosting on the sink. Thank goodness they leave the box of weetbix alone!

  2. I want to live next to a baker. What a perk. We woke up this morning to a shredded pillow I had JUST bought over the weekend at a flea market. Our dog, Sarah, was of course the culprit. She hasn’t done something like that in a long time. I think I’d be more bummed to lose the apple pie, but I agree with Lishyloo, maybe your neighbor secretly told him it was for him to eat 😉

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