Cutest Little Book // Spectacles.

Oh happy Friday! I wanted to share this cute lil book with you guys. SPECTACLES by Ellen Raskin. Ellen also illustrated the book. It’s about a super cute little girl who realizes that she sees the world slightly differently than other people!

Before she wears glasses, Iris has is seeing things strangely. What she thinks is a dragon, is really her Great Aunt Fanny:

And a giant bird? Oh that’s just her friend Chester.

And the chestnut mare? Well, that’s her babysitter.

Her mama decides Iris needs a snazzy pair of glasses!

And so little Iris gets her spectacles!

And everything looks like it’s supposed to look….well, except for that rhino with a tulip in his ear!

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  1. I tracked this book down when I found out Sayer needed glasses. We read it every night for a 2 weeks before his were ready to wear. It helped in so many ways. He even picked out what style he wanted by the illustrations & we found something close for him. Fun book!

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