My friend Jen’s Wedding {and the Peachiest little flower girl!}

Well, my friend Jen got married this past weekend.  I’m sure you may remember me writing about Jen in the past.  A few years ago, she left all that she knew in California to pursue her PhD. in London.  It was an amazingly courageous thing to do and in between all of the insane papers and teaching and community, she managed to find and fall in love with a wonderful fellow.

As many of you may know, grad students don’t have extravagant budgets to say the least. But Jen was determined to stretch her tiny tiny tiny budget to envelope all of the people she loved.

Twenty of her closest friends came out to  Santa Cruz, CA to watch her get married at her sacred spot. This California girl chose the surfer statue up the street from the famous Santa Cruz boardwalk to get her MRS. degree.

As the Peach’s godmother, Jen chose her to be her flower girl and made the Peach feel so special for being part of the wedding. And the Peach took her job very seriously dropping flowers even after the wedding ceremony happened.

Did I mention Eric and I did her flowers too?  Jen bought some flowers the night before at the farmers market and we turned them into very simple bouquets. And I love that Jen wore her grandmother’s necklaces as bracelets. I’m sure her Nonna was smiling down on her that day.

As you can imagine this lovely newly married lady has a thing for the ocean. She loves to surf and spent most of her life within 20 minutes of the ocean.  And with budgets as tight as Jen’s she she could find only one place by the beach for her reception–a tiki bar! The other bridesmaids and I hustled to turn the space into something more charming with the help of some vintage tablecloths and mason jars full of flowers and candles. We also created a little bunting action as a salute to the groom out of some Union Jack paper bags Jen bought.

We also had pins made of the lucky couple along with some of their favorite sayings. It was great to see all of the members of the wedding party wearing them!

Jen picked up two Playmobile figurines which were quite fitting as James is a skateboarder and Jen is a hardcore swimmer.

We all had so much fun at the reception between toasts and Jen stories and dancing. Oh, the dancing. Man, it was a blast.

Oh, Jen, what a fun and personal and beautiful wedding that was! Amazing job, Mrs. B!


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