Dottie’s Kraft Korner:: Halloween Edition

Professor Dottie here, from the School of Slapdash Sewing.

Today, students, I’m going to show you how to sparkle up a store-bought costume as the final post of Halloweenie goodness here at Modern Kiddo headquarters.

I know what you are thinking.  You are scratching your well-coiffed head and want to say, “But Professor Dottie, you are the epitome of all things crafty–why don’t you create something from that geniusly clever noggin of yours.  Have the Peach go as Pinkie Tuscadero, or a Harujuku girl or a Freudian slip!”  Well, after last year’s craft bomb of doom, I was a touch gun-shy this time and just wanted to slap something on her a call it day.

It started innocently enough with this darling little store bought “flower” gnome costume from Target. Twenty bucks of sheer cuteness, no?  It’s from the “Too Cute To Spook” line and really, the name says it all.

But then I looked at it a touch closer once I lost the receipt and took it out of the bag. Hmm… Well, that edging on the collar is pretty lame and that button placket is totally off.

And don’t those flowers look more like fried eggs than anything else?

After spending five dollars on trims from the fabric store, I thought I could jazz this up a bit. And not stress about it. In fact, I only want to do this while watching TV.

First, let’s turn those fried eggs into flowers with some easy breezy embroidery.  One episode of Mad Men later and voila–cute little flowers. (I can’t believe Don ditched Faye and asked his secretary to MARRY him?!?!)

Now, I gotta do something about that collar. Enter green ric rac and some nice kinda matching yellow bias tape and ahh… yeah… Perfectly timed with 30 Rock commercials.

OK. A little break involving beer (also known as my secret sewing elixir…) and Halloween candy taste test.

OK, right, back to it.  Let’s fix that placket. It was the perfect time to break out this great vintage ribbon I had.  And we’ll match it with some buttons from my yellow button collection…

Now to make the hat. The hat that came with the costume looked adorable, but couldn’t fit a newborn. Even make a couple of cuts in the back. No dice. The Peach ripped at it with both her hands. Nice.

Fortunately, I had some kinda matching plain cotton fabric and some fusible quilt batting. I decided to not even attempt the cute droopy bit that seemed more Smurf than gnome, but instead stay true to the pointy gnome style. And let’s add some elastic to it actually stays on the Peach’s head. Done during Glee Commercial Break.

I also added to the length of the costume because I don’t really think gnomes are suppose to wear hooker-short skirts. Fortunately, I had some matching yellow fabric in my stash and used the last remnants of the trims to finish it off.  Oh, and of course I’m not letting her out of the house at night without some pants. Yes, I’ve turned into that mother who makes the kid wear a sweater over their ballerina costume. Apologies. But I had this great stripey knit fabric and a ten minute break while Eric was talking to his sister on the phone to slapdash together some pants. I just serged them together and used fold over elastic for the waistband.

They are kinda cute, no?

And voila! A Peachy perfect little gnome outfit! With matching leggings and hat for mama to boot. HOLLAH!  (The hat and leggings was a ruse to get her to wear her own outfit. Sneaky mama!  Mwahahaha!!!)

Happy belated Halloween everyone! I hope your pillowcases of were full of candy and your costume made it through the night!

13 thoughts on “Dottie’s Kraft Korner:: Halloween Edition

  1. So cute!! Love it!! I also love that you call her Peach! My little curly blond headed 4 yr old is nicknamed Peach also. Sometimes Pumpkin Peach (doesn’t make sense but she was a Pumpkin fairy one year..more like 3 years..and now its added in)…Long story short! I love your clever enhancements!! So great 🙂

  2. Oh, thanks everyone for your very kind comments about Miss Peach’s outfit!

    She certainly rocked it in her own way. And it fit her little style too, since I think she has such an elfish quality anyway.

    You guys rock!

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