I dropped my basket.

Friends, it’s been a day.

Alix and I love our cozy little nook of the Web that we’ve decorated with tremendous love and care, but sometimes we get a bit busy and work has that naughty habit of sneaking up from behind and demanding our full attention. And the Peach needs a cuddle.

I’m going to be working from sunny San Diego all next week and will be up to my eyeballs in stormtroopers and vampires.   I will try my gosh darndest to keep posting sassy bits of retro kiddo fashion and fun over the next two weeks.   So please bear with me if my posts are shorter than normal.  And who knows maybe I’ll do a real life post from the bowels of Comic-Con.

Thanks y’all! And there will be another post later today announcing the winner of the Draw Pilgrim giveaway, so please come back because that lucky winner might just be you! Whoohoo!

6 thoughts on “I dropped my basket.

  1. Can you hear the drums Fernando?
    Methinks a Comicon post is in full order!!!

    I also think you should bring me along as your official photographer. Hee.

    This post makes me so happy because I know for a fact you work your patooty off, and I’m so happy when you realize you are kind to yourself and take a lil break.

    And Lishy, I’m gonna email ya!

  2. Heather, do you ever watch American Pickers? One of my fave shows. They had this guy on last night who is a MAJOR Transformer collector and he had literally $20,000 worth of vintage stuff. It was so good!! I think you have just inspired a new post for me….

  3. Hehe! Only after my Star Wars post that will be blasting off next Monday.

    Thanks guys for being so gracious about my crazy life. And Lish–I’m totally taking you up on the guest post. Start brainstorming, lady!

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