Droppin’ some science with Wolfie.

For the first time ever, Wolfie’s school had a science fair (AND the annual pancake breakfast!). It was SO fun and he was so dang cute. All the participants had to stand with their project for the first 15 minutes to “field any questions” from the visitors. He was a bit nervous!

Wolfie’s Question was: Does Water Temperature Affect the Speed of Water Molecules? It sounds fancy but it was a really simple project! We took three glasses of water, one hot….one room temperature….one very cold. We then took a second set of glasses with the same water set up but added a tablespoon of salt to each glass. Then Wolfie added a few drops of food coloring to each glass and we watched to see which type of water “mixed” the color faster.

It was really fun! Wolfie had to come up with his own “Hypothesis” and “Conclusions”….we did the entire experiment a second time so we (aka mama) could take photos.

I don’t recall doing the science fair as young as second grade (I think I was in fifth grade when I did my first project) but we were excited to give it a go! I was kind of torn…on the one hand, I wanted him to have a good project that was fun and interesting, but I also was aware that he just turned 8 and this should be an age-appropriate project. There were some reeeeally great little projects there (and of course there were some that CLEARLY had a lot of parent man-power behind them…). There was so much creativity in the room it was pretty amazing. I have to say all the second graders and third graders really had an phenomenal showing.

Wolfie’s project was a really fun process for both of us and I was SO proud of him!

This was Greg’s favorite project. It simply said, “Question: Are UFOs Real?” and then “Answer: We are not alone in the universe.” Hee. (I think there were some stats about sightings as well….)

Afterwards we ate some tasty pancakes and then got to play with a bunch of really fun hands-on experiments. Such a special afternoon!

It got reeeeally hot so when we went home, my young scientist threw on some shorts and decided he had earned a little QT with his 3DS.

Do you remember the science fair? What kinds of projects did you do? I remember my fancy pants question from the Fifth Grade Science Fair to this day: “Does Age Have any Affect on Your Ability to Perceive an Optical Illusion?” Yep. And I won third place in the city. My follow up project the next year where I set little squares of wall paneling on fire didn’t go over quite so well.

3 thoughts on “Droppin’ some science with Wolfie.

  1. oh, god. those nervous little hands are killer! how sweet.

    wolfie’s shoes have inspired oliver to write FLEX’S ROBOT K’NEX.

    i only ever remember being in one science fair, at some point in middle school. my project was to see if speaking to plants made them healthier. since i was (and still am) a lazy procrastinator, i had to hedge the data a bit.

  2. Due to moving around a lot as a kid, I never experienced the science fair–but that might also have been because I wasn’t so hot at science. Sigh…. But Wolfie’s project is great! Maybe I would have been more into science if I had a science fair in second grade!

  3. Your prize was a gift certificate to the local movie theater AND $200.00, which was a lot for a 5th grader! We were very proud of you!

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