First Day of School—Wolfie’s Rockin’ 2nd Grade!

Oh little Wolfie. Yesterday was the first day of school and I was so proud of my boy. I can’t believe how tall he’s grown and quickly time is passing. I swear he was in preschool just the other day.

Second grade is a big mile stone. We are no longer considered, “the little kids”. I’m always a little anxious, but my boy is a pro. He was looking forward to the first day and not nervous at all.

Wolfie was also very excited to see his buddies on the play ground. It’s tricky, as a parent. On the one hand, you don’t want to place too much importance on being “popular”. I want him to be independent and confident….but at the same I want him to be  social and have good friends. So I was bustin’ to see all his pals come running up to him and shouting, “Hey! Wolfie!!” There were grins and even hugs. It was so cute. Seven is a great age…they are getting bigger for sure, but they are still our little guys and most had their mama’s there to walk them in to class.

I can’t wait to see what this school year brings, sweet boy!

10 thoughts on “First Day of School—Wolfie’s Rockin’ 2nd Grade!

  1. I remember the 2nd graders seeming like they were SO OLD compared to us wee little kindergartners… And 2nd grade was my FAVORITE. So many good books and fun things to learn and do… It’s a great age. Congrats, mama! xoxo

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