First day of school photos!

Oh, the first day of school. I remember that itchy, nervous, excited feeling I would get.  And of course, I was wearing my special outfit.

And my parents took a picture.  Because that’s what parents do.

I wonder if a parent insisted on the tie or if that was his idea?  I think it might have been his idea…

I love it when kids hold hands.

A child’s face can say so much!

Oh and a few tears sometimes.  But that’s OK.  It gets easier tomorrow. I promise. You can hear the mom’s voice almost, urging and reassuring

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3 thoughts on “First day of school photos!

  1. What great photos. With all these apps that make photos look vintage it’s hard to know if they weren’t actually taken last week! Our little nephew Jack starts school next week, it’s such a big day for him and he’s actually quite looking forward to it.

  2. My mom always took pictures of me going to school. Bad haircut, new slacks, new school bag…Always in front of the neighbor’s pine tree. I love that first kid, pen in pocket, kiddie attache case! Awesome.

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