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Friday Link Hootenanny :: Fun Stuff to Browse


I’m no food blogger, but I thought this post on how to style and shoot food and recipe images was really fascinating. Read it here!


Colleen Corby was one of the biggest models in the day…you maybe not remember her name but you sure knew her face. She was wholesome and All-American but still had a little vavoom poutiness that made her super popular. There is a whole Flickr group with awesome 60s/70s pics from magazines like Seventeen. See more here.


These pencils would make everything fun to write up! I’ll take drive-in movies while I suspect Greg would like afternoon naps. Ahem. From esty seller one fine dae.


Wow. I’m so into these color photographs of circus performers from the 1940s and 50s. They’re amazing! If you love them as much as I do you can even buy  The Circus Book: 1870-1950 yourself!


Jessica Hische is an amazing illustrator, designer, and typographer. She has created many brilliant book covers and logos and fonts and prints….and most recently she created the gorgeous film titles & credits for Wes Anderson’s film, Moonrise Kingdom. Yeah. She’s legit! So it should come as no surprise that her wedding invitation is totally cool. It’s an animated storybook. SO sweet.  See it here. (Thanks to Dottie for showing this to me!)


HAH! How funny are these?? Nina Katchadourian takes photos of herself in the lavatory mirror when she’s on a flight— using toilet paper and seat covers as costumes. She modeled the images after 15th-century Flemish portraiture. Brilliantly weird. (via Design Mom)


These Holga images shot by photgrapher mark mouton of an abandoned Six Flag’s Amusement park are totally haunting. See them all here.


Oooooh this blueberry treat from my friend Tracey looks SO yummy and so summery. I can’t wait to make it!!


I am soooooooo excited for the Summer Games next month, are you? I am always totally into the ladies gymnastics, the swimming, the diving….but this year I’m completely transfixed by the men’s gymnastics team. Did you happen to catch the Olympic Trials? We caught it by chance and it was AWESOME. The two top men’s contenders—Danell Leyva and John Orozco —both have such cool stories. John Orozco is utterly amazing to watch and has a fascinating back story, coming from a really rough neighborhood in the Bronx. His mom was always in the stands, covering her eyes nervously. Really sweet. His team mate and friend/rival is Danell Leyva (above), a Cuban immigrant who is coached by his step dad and mom. Besides being easy on the eye, Danell is crazy talented. He came in first place at the trials. His coach/dad is HIGH-larious, known for his super animated sideline antics. Check out this short video of Danell on the high bar (and be sure to watch his coach at the end!). GO TEAM USA!

OMG this is the the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Who knew a lady ventriloquist could be so awesome??

In honor of the 4th of July, one last but of silly video fun video. Candy fireworks!


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  1. jess judkins says

    Just spent the last 15mins reading your links 🙂 love them! The olympics always gets me emotional! I also adore that little wedding invite! I felt like I was part of their story 🙂

    • Alix says

      aw thanks Jess! The olympics always get me too….I’m always SO impressed by the athletes!

  2. ashley says

    Oh my, that lady with the in-flight portraits has me rolling over in giggles. Funny to think how oridnary she looks. She could have sat next to me on my last flight and to think she was horsing around in the bathroom. What a crack up.

    And you must be after my heart with the gymnastics. I spent much of my childhood and adolescent years in the gym as a competitive gymnast and still follow the sport like a lunatic. I had planned on going to San Jose to watch the trials live, but being just a few weeks before my due date (plus the plan to birth at home) scared me enough to stay home. On the girls side, you should follow Gabby Douglas. She moved away from her family at 14 to live with another family so she could train with her coach (same coach who coached Shaun Johnson, who won silver last Olympics). She’s ubber talented but lacks a bit in the mental toughness. If she can put all her routines together, she should be in contention for a gold medal and overtake favorite Jordan Weiber. Anyway, I’m totally stoked to say the least. My husband asked me the other day to rate on excitement on the ten scale the other day and I had to give it an eight. My reason being that trials are alredy done and it’s one step closer to over. I’m rambling now…

    Happy Friday.

    • Alix says

      You are a gymnast??? I love you even more! Sooo impressive. Yes! Gabby is my fave on the women’s team. We WILL be chatting more about this!

      • ashley says

        I actually coached, while I was in college at SF State, at American Gymnastics on 19th and Judah (they’ve relocated since then). LOVE the sport.

        • Alix says

          OMG i just saw this. How awesome!!!! Seriously gymnastics was NOT my forte. I was a ballet dancer for years (hard to believe I was in pointe shoes ever!) but I was always soooo taken with the gymnastics ladies of the olympics. I tend to be weird though and I’m not a fan of the super buff girls we sometimes get. I prefer the athlete who are both strong and also elegant/musical. I think that’s why i like that Gabby!

  3. Brigitte says

    Even though i got all hooked to the girls gymnastics, (love Gabby) your Danel is fabulous! Reminds me a bit of your brother, without the beard!!!

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