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Oh yes! It’s the weekend people!! We are having another vintage blow out sale (things are priced to SELL friends!! See the next post for all the details, if you are a local….). Even though it was a busy week, there were a bunch of things that caught my eye. Take a gander, and have a most excellent weekend! xoxo

1. UNO
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I’m loving this clever/cool idea for kiddo art over on Small Fry.
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2. DOS
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Color with Mimi has these really fun printable coloring pages. SO cute.

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They had me at “carmelized apple cider vinaigrette”. YUM. See more here.

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Lately I’ve seen lots of “A Photo a Week of my Children” series, which I think are so special. But I was very charmed by Ashley’s clever take on it. A Photo a Week of her husband! When you have kiddos it’s easy to put your relationship on the back burner (life gets consumed with diapers and feedings and consoling little ones and just all around silly play time). I thought this was a really beautiful way to stay connected. See more over here.

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These Swan Lake shoes were The Shoes of Tomorrow in 1957. LOVE! See more past future shoes HERE. (via Honey Kennedy)

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This is so stinkin’ clever. You can recycle/reuse old glass bottle and jars—but give them a wee face lift with the Snug Vase! Get yours here.


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Dottie shared this fun link with me. The New York Times blog “The City Room” has been holding a “Kids Draw the News” contest, where they ask children to draw the latest headlines. It’s SO charming and sweet. I would have been allll over this when I was a kiddo! These photos were for a story about a runaway zebra.  See more here.
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This cracked me up. A family took a group portrait that was special to them….and within a year or so, the son got a divorced. His mom wanted to remove the ex-wife from the photo (apparently it wasn’t a pleasant divorce) and had someone do some photoshop wizardry on the pic. Instead of holding the arm of the ex-wife, she’s holding a beer! HAH! Read about it here.



I mean….what’s to say about Awesome Soul Train GIFS but OH YES. See tons more here.

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I think this British commercial with Audrey Hepburn is extremely charming. It’s getting mixed reviews (using her likeness when she isn’t alive etc) but her sons said she adored chocolate and they though she would have approved of it (as did they, since they are in charge of her estate). I think it’s rather tastefully done! (I like it so much more than that Audrey GAP ad from years back.)

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