Giveaway: Vintage Fisher Price Painting by Meredith Steele!!

As you know we are grand fans of vintage Fisher Price toys here are the Modern Kiddo HQ.  Which is why I’m super duper thrilled to bring you this wonderful giveaway from Oak-Town artist extraordinaire Meredith Steele whohas kindly offered up one of her vintage Fisher Price Little People portraits that would add a delightful snap to any nursery or er–your own bedroom/office/bathroom/you name it place cuz it is that darn-tootin’ awesome!

Meredith’s mother saved all of the Fisher Price Little People toys that Meredith played with as a little girl which are now being put through the pretend play paces by her own little four-year old daughter, Amelia.  It   reminded Meredith how adorable the toys are–and you know how those artists are–they’ll find inspiration in the darnest places.

Meredith’s favorite figure is the little blonde princess toy because it reminds her of her daughter. It is so button cute!

My favorite is the girl with the glasses!  I also love the bully–I remember him as the carnie from the vintage Ferris Wheel!

She does all sorts of lovely stuff beyond Fisher Price–putting to good use her a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and an MFA from Winthrop University. She exhibited her work throughout the Carolinas before relocating to the Bay Area in 2009. Meredith’s work is primarily figurative and she utilizes a bold palette, descriptive brushwork, and the incorporation of recycled materials.  Which is perfect for Cookie Monster portraits too…

And Meredith will begin a post teaching Art at Bentley School this fall. When she’s not working on her own paintings, she is often crafting princess castles and unicorn costumes with Miss Amelia, which is an excellent use of her time.  More of Meredith’s work can be seen on her website,, which I highly recommend stopping by to check out when you have a chance.

And Meredith is parting with this jaunty gem–the vintage Fisher Price doggie–for our giveaway. Three cheers for Meredith!!!

Now, how to get this grand giftie!

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Good luck you all for this particularly yummy giveaway!

35 thoughts on “Giveaway: Vintage Fisher Price Painting by Meredith Steele!!

  1. Adorable painting! When my three sisters and I played Little People (we called them Boys), we’d put all the people, furniture and buildings in a pile and take turns picking items for our houses. As usual, getting ready to play was more fun than the actual playing.

  2. I still have my brother’s original Fisher Price musical motion t.v. from 1964…it belongs to my little one now, so that is my favorite! These are great and would look perfect in my little ones vintage inspired bedroom!

  3. my favorite childhood FP memory was building zoos and farms with the fences and animals in the barn playset with my sister. they were very elaborate and took up entire tables at a time! now my kiddos have my old barn to play with and my 4 year old does the same thing!

  4. I didn’t have any fisher price toys that I can remember, but I am loving seeing my boys play with my husband’s from when he was little! I think the retro camper set is my fave 🙂

  5. oh how I love her artwork!!!! My favorite toy was the fisher price little people house that was probably circa 1978. This summer we were up at my parents summer house and I found it! It had all of the pieces too! My kids had so much fun playing with it!

  6. My favorite Fisher Price toy was our castle, even more so than the Sesame Street set, and trust me, I loved me some Sesame Street (the dump truck and the little brown table with the food decals, Gordon’s bald head and the green mailbox!).

    But nothing beat the castle. Two thrones, a parapet, and wonder of wonders, a SECRET PASSAGEWAY. What little kid doesn’t love a good secret passage? Baby Jesus disappeared from our nativity one year and was found sleeping peacefully in his manger in the secret passage. I don’t specifically remember putting him in there, so I think I may have been framed.

  7. I love the school house with the magnetic letters and playground equipment and the Red Barn with all the farm animals. Oh, how I wish I had those today for my grandson. I did, however, keep the pull along telephone with the rotary dial and the googily eyes. Too cute!

  8. i am dying about ingrid liddle saying that boy is frustrated!

    my bro and i would also put things in a pile and choose. we would choose sets first and then the guys i think.

    my new fave fisher price memories are watching my boys play with all of the stuff and having as much fun with them as i did! the old sets are the best!!!

    these paintings are killer! i have been a fan for a while now and i believe truman needs a set of 4 for his room!! will be ordering even if i don’t win!

    roosevelt franklin is my fave!!!

  9. So cute! My brother had the airplane and I remember how the door would always fall open. My favorite was the barn because I loved how you could move the animals legs!

  10. I adore little people… one of my good friends actually hunted down the school bus for me as a gag gift for a recent birthday. The sight of it on my grown-up bookshelf never fails to make me smile. 🙂

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