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Glammy Vintage Portraits // Shabner is Fabner

LIL NOTE: I haven’t been browsing on line as much lately due to new work project, but never fear the Friday Link Hooenanny will be back very soon! 

I had never heard of Louis Shabner until a few years ago, but now I’m hooked! Ol’ Lou was a noted pin-up illustrator. While he did lots of classic fresh face girls in the 50s, it’s his smokey eyed 60s/70s girls that have me transfixed. They look like they were plucked off the cover of a vintage romance novel (or maybe a Bossa Nova record album). Let’s a take a look at  some of them:

No.1 is a glamorous socialite! Those eyes! Those earrings!

No.2 is a southern belle and she ain’t foolin’ anyone with her little “i’m so innocent” bows.

No.3, is my favorite. What a vixen! (What a neck line…yeowza!) She’s like a European Baroness. And she definitely knows how to solve a problem like Maria.

No.4 is a young starlet—and she’s ready for an alpine holiday and fireside drinks.

And finally, No.5 is a little fire cracker who is soooo pushing you in the pool for giving her man the eye.

I think I’m going to start calling him Lou FABNER….

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  1. Jody says

    Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson!

  2. Linzi Carlisle says

    what beautiful pictures
    we loved looking at these at Royal Vintage thank you!

  3. lishyloo says

    i love these!!! reminds me of the stepford wives.

    • Alix says

      Very sexy stepford wives…..OOH btw way did you see that Abby is having her own dance competition???

  4. ashley says

    I dig the fire cracker. Note to self: don’t even glance in her man’s direction.

  5. Elvira says

    Alix, if you are truly hooked……go look for Loui(s) Shabner Vinyl Record Covers from the 60’s-70’s from his hand (Like King Biscuit Time- Black Gold signed by him.)
    You will be amazed how many illustrations he painted…..(so that Bossa Nova thing was close 😉

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