Goodie Two Shoes.

Dottie and I always say we are cut from the same cloth…we’re just cut into different styles! This always makes me think of the curtain play clothes in The Sound of Music. We both love shoes (what girl doesn’t, I ask??) and one day we noticed that we each favored interesting but rather different styles. So without further adieu, here’s a new fun little feature we’re calling Goody Two Shoes. I think you get the idea….

source: Hanna Andersson. Alas, two seasons ago.

source: Kate Spade Elena Mary Jane

Not that you asked, but we also wear radically different bra styles. (Suffice to say that Dottie once said to me, “WHAT the heck is that? A sling shot??” of my little no-underwire brassiere.) But that’s a WHOLE other story.

So we ask….what’s on yer feet today?

10 thoughts on “Goodie Two Shoes.

  1. I couldn’t imagine being able to wear a bra without an underwire…

    On the shoes though, I love both of your styles! When I was a working girl I used to wear more shoes like yours- stylish, sleek and sexy. Now I gravitiate more towards cute embellished clogs, even on snowy MI days. I just ordered a pair of Hanna Andersson clogs sort of similar to Dottie’s but they are white and I’m not sure if I’m loving white shoes…

    1. haha…..Dottie is way more well endowed than me, as you might have guessed.
      I am not a clog person even though so many of my friends are. I really love how they look (like Dottie loves ’em and Jenny/frecklewonder has always had really cute ones too) but they feel weird on me. Go figure!

      I wanna see your new ones when they arrive!

  2. Ah shoes…I have such a problem finding cute and truly comfortable shoes. I can’t wear the cute ones too much because they usually hurt my feet…and I haven’t had a pair of clogs since high school (one pair of Birkenstocks and no I wasn’t a hippie). So what do I wear? In the summer–sandals and as soon as the weather turns even slightly cooler I’m in boots. Boots until the weather is too hot for boots…then back to sandals. SOMETIMES I may wear a pair of heels to church if I know we are coming home RIGHT AFTER so that I can take them off as soon as I walk through the door.

    So for bras I have only ever done underwire but I basically bought five of the first thing I found that was comfortable and it just happened to be that. I never wore bras in high school (again, I SWEAR I WASN’T A HIPPIE) and it wasn’t really until I had my son a few years ago that they became necessary. Oh the things we sacrifice for our children…haha.

    1. I have to do another post on Comfy and Cute shoes for the ladies! I love your “I WASNT A HIPPIE!” cry, haha. Sure sure! haha. I think I wore bras in highschool but I’m sure they weren’t anything major. Dottie has schooled me on the need for back support when you are more “endowed” (she has this miracle bra for bustier ladies that seems to defy gravity!). Love this comment….thanks elizabeth!!

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