Goodie Two Shoes!

Well, last week both Alix and I were inspired to wear red shoes. Quite different shoes, but equally charming!

Source: Ms. Tips. (but really, one of a kind…)

Source: Lotta Peep Toe Clogs

Do you do vintage shoes? I have a tough time finding shoes to fit my size 10 pontoons! But clogs rock for me!  I’ve always been a clog lover–ever since I got a pair for Easter to wear with my sweet prairie skirt!  Are you a clog fan?

What are you wearing on your feet today?

3 thoughts on “Goodie Two Shoes!

  1. Those are some cute red zapatos, ladies! I sported sneakers today, but most days anyone will tell you I’m wearing my bright turquoise, white heeled Fluevogs with the white strap and silver buckle. I get an INSANE amount of complements while wearing those shoes, so much so that I bought three of the same pair! I have NO luck with vintage shoes, they never feel good to wear, with the exception of Famolares. I have vintage Famolare boots and shoes, and both fit like…gloves!

    Oh, and Dottie, I got my first pair of clogs recently….haven’t worn ’em yet. Yours are super cute!

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