Happy New Year Hair Brushes!

One thing that has been on my to do list for awhile is purchase a nice baby brush set.  Before you face the delight of the first haircut, you have months of fun brushing that satiny down baby hair.

I must say I’ve been crushing on the Hop Skip brush set (cleverly named Hare)  for awhile.  Who doesn’t love a bunny with ears that are actually a comb and brush?

Or maybe I should splurge on this hand painted monogrammed one from Junny & Milo.  One of a kind, just like my sweetie plum! And don’t worry–they have some really fun ones for boys as well.


















But I can’t help loving old fashion silver hairbrushes that are begging to turn into heirlooms. I think this Elsa Peretti heart shaped baby brush from Tiffany’s would have any baby and Mommy swooning.

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