Happy birthday, Peach! A letter for you

Dear darling Peach-

How did this happen?  Somewhere along the line three became magical. You became magical. And now you are four. So I need to give you a little snapshot of where you are and what you do right now.

One evening right before bed, you brought me a card you made and put it on my bedside table. You said that if I missed you during the night, I could just look across at the card and see it and know that you loved me.

You are a tremendous artist who prefer your people to have very pointy teeth. But hearts on dresses Of course.

You are still a very big fan of orange, although pink and purple are making serious headway.

You are writing your ABCs and words quite nicely, although the letter K is still proving to be most troublesome.

You like sweets. A lot.

You, dear girl, still need  your nap, even though you fight it EVER SINGLE DAY and then pass out for one and a half hours.

Nothing delights you more than pretend play. I love watching you act out different stories with your dolls, animals, crayons or anything that happens to be around.

Although a good game of hide and seek is always appreciated. You always choose the same hiding spots and giggle to give yourself away. You like be found.

You’re negotiation skills are maddingly good. So good that I plan to send you in the next time we have to buy a car.

No one can make a better felt sandwich than you can!  Who wouldn’t care for a bite of a tuna salami cookie crepe sandwich?

I think you enjoy the tutus more than ballet class–just like your mama.

I love your love of old songs.  Nothing is dearer to me than hearing you sing, “Shoo fly pie and apple pan dowdy”. Or the songs you make up.

You love the idea of a board game, but enjoy playing with the pieces of the game more than actually playing the game.  You’ve served me many a pie made up of pieces from the Hi Ho Cherrio game…

And you are mine. Mine. Ours. And I love you to the moon and back and then some.  Happy birthday, sweet Peach!

And I hope you like your very very special present…I’ll share it all with you next week!



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  1. Happy Birthday, Peach! In my experience, four was my favorite age with my two boys. I’m hoping Avery follows suit when she turns four as well! Although, as you said, three is turning out pretty fun with her lately, too!

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