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This weekend we had a fun little getaway with some of our friends. The impetus for the trip was a big milestone birthday bash for our friend Damon. A huge group of people would be gathering in Guernville, CA at a funky venue for a special “this is your life” style party. Greg’s band was playing the show and it was really touching to see so many people from Damon’s life (literally, elementary school friends, old room mates, co-workers and more!) show up. We ended up renting a lil vacation house with some of our good friends and it was THE BEST TIME EVER. The place had a surprisingly huge living room/kitchen area and a BIG deck with a gorgeous view. HEAVEN! Did I mention it was dog friendly? Oh yes. Guernville is only 2 hours away, so it was totally do-able but also far enough away that we felt like we were gettin’ outta town. I have to say, splitting a rental is a GREAT way to have a much more affordable getaway. And picking a location that’s actually pretty close to home makes it easy peasy! I highly recommend a local getaway!

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  1. That sounds like so much fun and I’ve been keening for some relatively close drive of a place to become our getaway space, so I’m hoping to check out Geurnville again for that reason. Thanks for the inspiration, lady! xo

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