Happy Mother’s Day!! This Is What a Mother Looks Like…

Pssst! My own mama has been visiting and rather than spend the time blogging, I thought I would simply re-run this post I did last year. The sentiment remains the same! xo

Photo by: the gorgeous Sandra Kleist from The Winding Road

Mommies are people, people with children
When mommies were little, they used to be girls
Like some of you, but then they grew
And now mommies are women, women with children
Busy with children, and things that they do
There are a lot of things a lot of mommies can do

Some mommies are ranchers, or poetry makers
Or doctors or teachers, or cleaners or bakers
Some mommies drive taxis, or sing on TV
Yeah, mommies can be almost anything they want to be!
— Marlo Thomas, Parents are People from Free to Be You and Me

Back in the 70s Marlo Thomas conceived this super groovy art album called Free to Be You and Me that was an alternative to all the stereotypical stuff children were being taught. It was especially empowering for young girls and taught them that they could indeed be anything they wanted to when they grew up…writers, doctors, painters, pilots, dancers….and even mommies.

I loved the notion that mommies were people, people with children. It’s so simple. We are tall and short. Different colors, shapes and sizes. Some have straight hair and others curly curls. Some wear glasses, some can see for miles. Some like coffee, others tea. Others would love a nice chilly cocktail, made with the good stuff, thank you very much.

We laugh. We cry. We hug our kiddos with all our might. We get sad at the thought that one day our sweet daughter might start dating some icky loser. We get sad at the thought that one day we won’t be able to see our sweet boy’s cute little bum anymore. We have days were we think, “Shoot, maybe I *do* want another baby!” and other days where we think, “Oh HAIL no….”

It’s ten times more difficult than we imagined and a hundred times more rewarding.

We have days where we are overwhelmed by the sheer pressure of everything. Where we think, “It’s too much. How can I do it all??”

We have days where we are overwhelmed by the joy of everything. Where we think, “My heart is so full, I think it might burst when I look at this sweet child of mine.”

Yet underneath it all, we’re all the same. Bound together by the love of our children. Mommies are people. People with children.

To all of the many amazing, strong, sweet, powerful, thoughtful, bold, kind, crazy, shy, loud, fabulous women we kn0w….we love you and salut you. You really do have the hardest job in town. And you know what? Your child is *totally* the cutest, smartest kiddo we know….

Presenting just a small selection of  our beloved  friends and readers. Mothers, all of ’em. Ladies, I have to say, DAMN ya’ll look good!

Here’s to old, treasured friends and all the many new fabulous friendships blossoming! *MWUAH!*

Once again, that super rad top photo was taken by our amazingly lovely friend Sandra Kleist, from The Winding Road! Also, you may have noticed we’ve transformed our usual Modern Kiddo masthead for the weekend. My gorgeous friend Pilgrim is the genius behind it all! Next year we want to see YOUR face in our gallery!!

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  1. hey there alix…i was looking at all the lovely ladies – and then up popped MY FACE! hee hee. thank you for including me, friend!!!!
    I hope that your day was spectacular!!

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