Hippety Hoppety Happy Easter Day!

This weekend is Easter Sunday, which always makes me feel nostalgic. I love looking at vintage photos. I thought it would be fun to take a look at some happy Easter celebrations through the years… These two remind me of me and my little brother Karl (who’s not so little anymore, of course…he’s taller than meeee).

Aw those cowboy boots are just too much—and his little grin. “I found one mama!!”

Oh ho ho! Methinks someone’s mama made a little magic mushroom quiche for Easter Brunch….she got a little groovy this Easter. Miss Lavender Tights is amazing but this poor little lad looks like he’s been rummaging in Danny Partridge’s closet. Hee.

Aw we totally made egg ornaments and hung them on branches like this! My Tante Marie made one of those awesome rabbit cakes once too. So excellent!

Erm….bravo kiddos for sitting on the Creepy Rabbit of Doom with nary a tear in sight!

I could talk about the little non-shirt wearin’ cutie holding up her (his?) widdle bunnies….but I’m more transfixed by that GINORMOUS stash of magazines next to the child. You GO vintage hoarder! This mom is my kinda gal.

Love the snazzy lawn chair Easter!

This photo reminds me the most of my own Easters. We definitely dressed up and went on the hunt for our little easter baskets!

LOVE those groovy mugs that dad is dippin’ the eggs in! That little girl is so happy….and I love her brother kickin’ back in his high chair with a nice mug o’ coffee.

This one is one of my all time favorite photos….The year was 1967 and these sassy ladies from Sherman Oaks, California were having quite the day in their easter bonnets! So cute and classy.

But the winner goes to this super cutie jammin’ on the kitchen table in his jammies (pa-JAMmies???) whilst an ominous green bunny looks on. YAY!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Oh yes, and then there’s this. The awesome Rankin-Bass Easter special. I always loved the song.

Hope you have a hippety hoppety awesome day.

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2 thoughts on “Hippety Hoppety Happy Easter Day!

  1. i feel like i need to swear these pics are so amazing, but i shall refrain.

    the green suit? amazeballs. i want it.

    it’s sad that that one little boy had some sort of episode in the easter bunny pic, i know, it’s almost as bad as swearing but we’re all thinking it. i think the bunny scared him into it with its frightening mask eyeballs peering through.

    diaper kid. this could probably be my home at one point in the day or another. ha!!

    the mugs with the egg dye are genius and i love that it’s her dad helping her.

    the bonnets. we need to make one. now.

    little guitar boy could be my son.

  2. holy moly, that poor kiddo in the ill-fitting, drooped out cloth dipe! HAHAHA

    i love lish! i love that she is like, “i need to swear, i shall refrain and then in the next breath: AMAZEBALLS!” haha 🙂

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