I love the magic of numbers: 11.11.11

I love when numbers work out “just so”. Wolfie’s due date was 04.04.04, but he ended up being born on 04.06.04. Which I think is even cooler. I love “golden birthdays” (like when I turned 22 on August 22). I’m intrigued by interesting patterns. My Oma/grandmother passed away on 10.5.58 and my Opa/grandfather passed away 5.10.85….which is just bizarre. And fascinating.

Today is November 11, 2011 and I love it. It’s crazy to think we won’t ever see this combination of numbers again in our lifetime. Pretty neat. It really sounds so space age…I like to think that back in the 60s, they viewed such a date with awe and a bit of wonder. What would our life be like on 11.11.11? What would we dress like? What great inventions and advances would we have made?  While we may not dress as fabulously as they envisioned or live in glamorous silver space pods….I think if I pulled out a teensy square iPod and told them I had 1,000 songs on it and then paused to take a call while walking down the street and connected to FaceTime so I could actually show off my cute Wolfie….well, I think they’d be pretty impressed. Happy 11.11.11! Do you have any special numbers in your life?

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