Oopsy daisy. I'm running a little late.

EEK. I’m running late my friends! Like, way late. In fact….it’s technically yesterday and I’m still workin’. It’s not quite as bad as it sounds, I’m at home….but the boys are in bed and I’m just pooped. ‘Twas one of those days that just didn’t have enough hours. I have a post all prepped for ya, but you’ll just have to wait a little bit because mama needs to get to bed. I don’t feel quite as maudlin as this photo, but it made me giggle because it’s called The Flustered Housewife….and you can actually buy the dress on Etsy if you like. (Look at that, even when I’m lame I’m semi-useful….an apology AND a shopping tip! hah!)

I also found this photo and it totally cracked me up too (can you see the theme I was going for? Overwhelmed ladies anyone??)

I love how she is throwing that baking soda on the fire with such panache— like she’s some freakin’ magician…ooooh, maybe SHE is the Great Mysterio! OK, now I know I’m getting loopy. I better finish up my work and hit the hay. I’ll catch you cats around here a little later, ok??

2 thoughts on “Oopsy daisy. I'm running a little late.

  1. i’m starting to think there were an awful lot of kitchen fires back in the day. i remember my grandmother tossing a handful of the old baking soda on a grease fire when i was little like it was nothing. i mean, they had the presence of mind to just whip open the cabinet and grab baking soda like it happened every day. i think it would take me a freaked out minute to remember to do that.

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