It’s Chic to be Geek: Comic-Con inspired Goodies

Image: StarWars Blog

Did you know Comic-Con offers its patrons daycare?  Seriously, how rad is that? As you are reading this I am already down at Comic-Con keeping the dream alive.  Except my dream involves comfortable shoes as standing at the booth all day is maddeningly tough on your feet!

But I digress. It really is amazing to see that Comic Con is truly a family event. I saw more strollers than storm-troopers on the floor today and it made me smile. Clearly these kids are getting quickly versed on the awesomeness that is sci-fi/fantasy genre.  Afterall what is childhood if you don’t delight in a comic book or two?

I must admit that I’ve read more than my fair share of comics back in the day. And I’m delighted to say (and not so delighted to age myself)  I saw Star Wars in the movie theater loving it so much that I had this re-occuring dream Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and R2D2 drove to my house in the Scooby Doo Mystery van asking me to come along with them to space.  No lie, my friends.

Clearly there is a lot of good sci-fi stuff for parents to buy their little Luke Skywalker wannabe or pre-princess Leia.  And of course since so much of it is nerdy wonderful stuff to craft of buy crafted already on Etsy to boot.

Start your little one with his or her jedi master training with this great knit light saber. Hells YEAH!

What happens when you take the Muppet Babies premise and do it to Star Wars? Why this bucket of cuteness happens—Baby Star Wars prints from Etsy seller Ginormous Robot.

Over the past few years, there has certainly been a steady vampire influx at Comic-Con. So, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if I see a little baby gumming  this toothy binky.

Ugly dolls are all the rage, but get your little one hooked on something even cuter. Like a dreamy Capt. Kirk softie. Sigh—I do love William Shatner. Or how about a Spock softie, if you prefer. Hmm…where are the ears?

Until they come out with Dr. Who Lego set, you can get your kids hooked on the good doctor early on creating their own adventures with the Dr. Who Peg doll set.  Yes, please!

And who could really stop at making just one Tribble? Well, here is a great tutorotial on how to make a Tribble.

Can’t you just see them overtaking the crib? Especially if your little one is as sassy as one sweet baby in her equally sassy Star Trek onesie:

image: Modern Kiddo reader Rocket Girl’s little vulcan, Eliza!

“Through the Craft, things you will see.” Things as awesome as this easy to make Paper Bag Yoda puppet:

I think this is my favorite—a crochet Luke from our friends at Geekologie. Wow.

Actually, I think the best way to introduce your kids to the wonders of sci-fi is reading.  There are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful sci-fi lite books to intrigue even the youngest of readers.  Like Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster and my personal favorite, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle. Any additional titles to add? I’d love to start a good list!

But regardless of whether you are a Twihard or a Trekkie just know that there are so many great ways to celebrate this amazing genre with your kids. OK, everyone, I gotta get to bed. My apologies for any slurry grammar or run-on sentences. It’s been a day!  But if I did have some energy, I’d spend it nomming on my new favorite site, Vintage Sugarcube, a rad gal who is sending me wonderful places to go in San Diego, if I could leave the conference floor. Le sigh!

9 thoughts on “It’s Chic to be Geek: Comic-Con inspired Goodies

  1. Awesome sauce, lady!! I loooooove this. The crocheted light sabers are amazing…but also thanks for listing the kid’s books. I loved both of those back in the day!
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. RocketBaby is looking at this post with me, and to my delight she it up and smiled when she saw Dr. Who! Maybe my TARDIS fantasies are hereditary?

    And thanks for the link to her Halloween pic–still one of my favorites of her!

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