It’s our Annual Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Mask Tribute

A few year’s ago I was out and about and ended up in one of those Halloween Super Stores. I have to tell ya friends, it was a terrifying experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a little spooky action. But I was totally freaked out by all the ultra creepy masks. Psychotic clowns. Rotting zombie chain saw massacre guy. Random murderers. That creeper from the Saw movies. Besides being totally disturbing I was a little bummed. “Where are the cute costumes?? Who lets their kid dress up as a crazy axe murderer??!” I shook my head, “It’s not like back in the day when we were kids!”

Then again, hold up a second. Maybe I’m not totally remember things correctly. I mean, while most of the costumes back in the day were under the guise innocent characters, most of those old school Halloween masks were positively twisted. Case in point:

Of course creepy Raggedy Anne is still kinder than the Texas Chainsaw dude. The cheap plastic only adds to the charm.  Every year I like to round up some of my favorite Creepy Masks. Here are some of my favorites this year!

I know people have a problem with clowns, but how can you hate on these two cuties? That duck and leopard are another story. The leopard looks like he (she?) fell victim to the old, “It’s cold outside, you need to wear a coat under that costume!” syndrome.

While we’re talking leopard, this is a little more jolly looking….except what’s up with that leering pumpkin??

LOVE these guys. Bat Man looks so serious. And the crazy google eyed skull boy, casually munching cookies? Priceless.

Ahhhhhhhhh! These two would have scared the pants offa me.

Is it me, or does Superman have a mustache??

Hurray for the Halloween Parade! You Go, Paper Bag Owl!


I loooooove a good group shot. So much awesomeness going on here. He-Man has such delicate eyebrows. And Zorro is looking positively Zsa Zsa (looks like someone has had a little filler in them thar cheek bones, eh?? ). The lady ghost is so stylish with her little mask….and who is that purple fella? He looks familiar. Hmm.

Oh little Snoopy and those sweet little hands….he’s not too happy being next to Skeltor. Or whoever that dude is.

Ayyyyyyyyy!! These kids are all adorable, but I’m reaaallly liking The Fonz. I’m not really liking that creepy doll perched on the right back there.

I want to be Super Friends with THESE cuties!

Oh dear. I initially picked this for the faboosh “princess on the half shell” mask….and that werid thing on the end (is he in profile? is he facing straight forward? who knows!). How I failed to notice the, um, “tan” gent in the straw hat, I’ll never know. I’m going to have a little faith and assume he’s supposed to have been vacationing on a tropical island, hence his shoe polish face. Ack. Even the dog looks confused.

These lovely ladies are adorable….the twin pumpkin mask is so sweet! But I would have killed for the ice blue satin on the end…

This might be my favorite. I love the two beatniks (awesome!). The mantle figurines (rococo AND asian!). The saddle shoes on the snarky girl in the back (adorable). But the Voo Doo Jukebox???? Help me Rhonda!!!

I’m just realizing this is the same house as the girls on the couch! How did we miss the rogue corn cob placed “just so” on that side table??

And finally, the winner of the “Phoning It In” award…..

The Halloween Countdown is Officially ON!!!

17 thoughts on “It’s our Annual Creepy Cool Vintage Halloween Mask Tribute

  1. So flipping much to love here! This is always one of my favorite posts of the season.

    I love the little guy wearing the skull snacking on some cookies. I totally remember trying to cram some Halloween candy into my craw through that stupid mouth hole. HAHAHAHA!!!

    And I adore the printed on muscles of He-Man and Skeletor!

    And there is something so wonderful about princess wearing turtlenecks and the bulgy costume put over snowpants! AH MEMORIES!!!

  2. Oh my God, this post had me nearly peeing with laughter. What is it about those old plastic masks that were so terrifying and funny? I guess it’s the combination of cold, lifeless feature with the tense and excited eyeballs behind them. And in the case of those batman masks, seeing such an adult, masculine face on a tiny, goofy little body is always SO off-putting and hysterical. This made my day. I’m gonna be coming back to look at these all day whenever I need a pick-me-up.

    1. That was my reaction to the batman one too!!! That big mannish chin…and then the sweet little body, munching on cookies. HAHAH! Zsa Zsa Zorro is another favorite

  3. There’s a picture somewhere of my brother in one of these costumes standing next to my mother, and me in her pumpkin-sized tummy, and he is (I swear to Jon Lennon) dressed as a Blue meanie. I’ll have to dig up that picture someday.

    1. haha i never had to wear a snow suit but i TOTALLY had to wear a bulky winter coat under mine several times which ruined the costume, in my 8 year old eyes!!

  4. Oh that first picture is fantastic!! I agree, the cheap plastic is what makes that raggedy ann absolutely perfect. I dig gorilla man too. Such a classic combo. Hoop is getting all dolled up tonight, so I’ll be sure to share those pics with you soon 🙂 So excited. Yay for Halloween, lovin’ all these costume posts!! xo

  5. Yes that coat turned you into a plump little bride, or was it a princess? but necessary when it was a cold night for your long trick and treat around the neighborhood blocks with your Dad and your best friend Kristen.
    and your little brothers Robin ( to Batman) wearing those tights

  6. Oh and my favorite of your pictures: the Halloween procession in sunny California or Florida, with palmtrees and kids without coats, unlike here in the east .Here we ar lucky if its cold but not raining

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