It’s the Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

Oh, what a lovely weekend it was!  Sniffles aside, the Peach and I had some seriously necessary girl time after a week away in SLC.  We went to Fairyland again and even did a Pajama Pizza Movie Party!  And during breaks in Tinkerbell’s Secret of the Wing. I did manage to find some great little goodies to share with you! Enjoy!

This sweet little apricot of a dress makes me crave spring. Sigh! From Etsy seller, Salvage House.

Is it too early to think about Halloween and how this dress would be perfect outfit for a little Wednesday Addams, hmm??? From Etsy seller, the Little Plum.

Folks, you gotta check out this sweet pair of floral sneaks! With a zipper for a bit of extra 80s madness. Perfect for the Peach! From Etsy seller, Bondplace Vintage.

Oh man, don’t6 you love this Care Bears bag? Really, you can’t help but smile looking out at it! Tee hee! From Reware Vintage.

I would have bought this if I could have crammed Miss Peach into this darling rick rack windmill ruffled pink windbreaker. LOVE! From Etsy seller, Oliver’s Forest.

Get your toddler hooked on sweet music with this great vintage Fisher Price radio!  Isn’t it darling? Even just on a shelf, I love it! From Etsy seller, Brookaloo Vintage.

I would so buy this album if it were a real band!  I mean–look at those sweet bongo drums? This book is genius!  From Etsy seller, Betsy Fern Vintage.

I know football season is over, but I still think this little shirt is divine! From Etsy seller, Potato Cake Vintage.

Don’t you just want to choo choo choose this adorable blue corduroy shirt? From Etsy seller, Rowdy Roddy Vintage.

I’m very pro bowling, so I’m very close to getting this sassy bowling set for the Peach! From Etsy seller, Camp Ho-Ba-Chee.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Fabulous finds! Its funny i *just* commented on Betsy Fern Vintage’s instagram that I was thinking of getting that Music by the Got Rocks for Wolfie! Brilliant minds!!!

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