Jake and Maya My Oh My!

Well! Have you heard of this delicious  London import Jake and Maya from designer Tze Ching Yeung.

Her clothes look like something that could be worn by a character from a modern day interpretation of Howard’s End –in child form.  Does that make any sense?  Hmm… I think perhaps the pictures do it more justice than my description.

Now, you understand what I mean, right?

Some of these pieces aren’t for every day kiddo wear.  But perfect for those special event outfits like weddings and holidays and maybe when your little ones just needs a bit of extra sassiness to get them through the day.  And they are fancy not through lace, but through detail and shape, which I like.  And I gotta admit, I wouldn’t mind one of the coats in mommy size…

These lovely pieces are rather spendy, but according to their blog they just found less expensive manufacturers, so expect a drop in prices by 20 percent.  You can find them at the UK site, Monsters and Munchkins and hopefully more places soon!

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