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Kiddo Books: Jane Goodall

I believe that one of our biggest jobs as parents is to expose our children to many different things and help them nurture their natural talents.  And a beautiful reminder of that is hearing stories about how people found their passion as a child.   One of the best stories is from Jane Goodall, anthropologist and primatologist who is known for her ground-breaking study of chimpanzees.  And it all started with a life-like chimpanzee toy she was given as a child named Jubilee.

Jane Goodall’s story is perfect for little ears to hear. Especially now that it recently has been retold in two children’s books.  Me… Jane by Mutts Comic writer, Patrick McDonnell.

I’m particularly drawn to Me… Jane because I love Patrick McDonnell’s comics. He is such a lover of animals that it makes sense that he would feel a connection to Jane Goodall’s story.

And little Jane does look a touch like the Peach to me too…

The New York Times did a great video piece on this book that I think will really make you smile.


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  1. Alix says

    Adorable! I wanted to be a anthropologist/geologist when i was little…..this is SO great!

  2. kara rane says

    Art is so powerful,,and completely agree, the illustrations are beautiful**

  3. Tyia says

    This will be a great inspiration for my little zookeeper 🙂

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