Knitting Nights

Brrrr!!!! All of that snow that has been falling over the past couple of weeks has made many knitting mamas pull out their needles and crank out some warm and cozy hats for their little ones.

Even celebs love to show off their babies in hand knit hats. Check out the celebtot cuteness of Bronx Wentz, Olive Baron Cohen and Zuma Rossdale.

(Credit: INF (2); Gotcha Images/Splash News Online)

How stinky cute are these little kids?  The great thing about this trend is that for the crafty Moms out there, it is an easy trend train to catch.

Here are some great hat patterns that would be perfect to knit one night while watching your Netflix movies after the wee ones have drifted off to Slumberland!  Please note that all the patterns I’ve featured are free—and super cute to boot!

Wouldn’t this Knitty pattern, Baby Tart be perfect for your little cutie PIE? Sorry—I couldn’t help myself…

Or what about Evelyn Uyemura from Lost the Thread’s Green Leaf baby hat? So simple, yet so stunning!

I don’t know about you, but my Peach loves to pull her hats off, so this Aviatrix hat by Justine Turner is stunning and includes a very clever and comfy strap.  You can download this sassy pattern on her Website Just Jussi.  I would knit it in the softest green and add a fun ladybug button for kicks!

Anyone else have some cool free knitting patterns? Share!

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