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The website for ittikid says, “Cool and Modern Clothing from Scandinavia” and whooo mama, they ain’t kiddin’! I am obsessed with vintage patterns and fabrics and these goodies are right up my alley. This cool company was started by a hip set of parents right here in the Bay Area (who knew?!).

As the mommy of a little boy I have to admit I’m always bummed by the standard fare for boy’s clothing. Whereas the little girls department will have  the most whimsical, glorious prints in candy colors, little boys are stuck with blues, greens and earth tones. Then there are the “active” motifs—robots and monsters at best, but cars, trucks and sports stuff at worst. Whenever I see a cute pattern I think, “Why does this have to be for a girl? Why can’t the giraffe be orange instead of pink? Does this shirt really need to have a wee bow at the neckline??” Well, VOILA my friends. Check out these genius prints over at ittikid. It’s like someone heard my belly aching and produced the cutest line ever. Yes, there are lots of blues and yep, there are even cars and trucks—but they are all done in such a great graphic way that feels hip-yet-appropriately-childish. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean!

Lawdy but the darn little girl’s dressies really are crazy cute:

And this last little dressie….well, sign me up for the Grown Up version because I would wear it in a heart beat!!

All of these goodies and more are available at the fabulous ittikid. Be sure to check them out!

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