Mama Style // Bringing Back an Old Favorite.

As a style and vintage junkie, I love dressing up. For years I was a vintage seller and member of the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr. Then when I started my old blog, Strawberry Lemonade, “What I Wore” was a regular feature that everyone seemed to like (and I had a lot of fun doing!). I’ve done several outfit posts here on Modern Kiddo, and people have said they’d like to see more, sooooo I’m thinking of making it a regular feature again! We talk so much about kiddo style here, it only seems fair to give mama fashion a little nod too!

I’m by no means a svelte, leggy fashion blogger…I’m just a girlie who loves clothes and vintage. My style has always been a mix of “high” and “low”. I adore vintage, love pretty modern looks and can’t resist a good bargain. Before I married Greg and before I had Wolfie, I was a sassy singleton who spent FAR too much money on shoes (marc jacobs and miu miu where a particular weakness). These days I rarely splurge, and I swear over half my wardrobe comes from Target, but old habits die hard so sometimes you’ll see some high rollin’ brands in the mix.

I think the one thing I have mastered since becoming a mama is not sacrificing comfort for style. Trust me, I have modified my wardrobe quite a bit—and I def have days where I just throw on jeans and sneaks—but I always like to feel just a little sassy. Sometimes it works….sometimes not so much. It’s all about experimenting and having fun! Also keep in mind, I don’t have a baby any more, which gives me more flexibility. When Wolfie was still a baby I couldn’t wear dresses (unless I wanted to pull the whole dang thang over my head while nursing) and I rarely wore necklaces or pins—I didn’t want him to hurt himself on a pokey pin or break a necklace. At the same time I have also totally gained weight since having a child and have a lil buddha belly to content with… so finding creative ways to hide it are also always a concern!

I think this will be fun!  I’ll be sure to let you know where I bought things. And don’t worry, I won’t be writin’ on all the photos all the time. That was just for this post.

29 thoughts on “Mama Style // Bringing Back an Old Favorite.

    1. I miss you Miss P……I was looking at the photos as I posted and was thinking, “Wow, it’s actually not that colorful!! I have a bunch of black and white ensembles up there…Pilgrim will be disappointed!” hee!

    1. Aw geez, thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say. I will have lots of color-loving tips…..I know not everyone is as color crazy as me, so I love finding ways for people to bring just a WEE bit more!

  1. i just freakin’ love you. i bet you ANYTHING that if you came to see me here 99% of the people would ask if we are sisters, as long as i get out of the yogas for the day of course! lol! the dress over jeans is my fave look ever.

  2. love love love. i felt the same way when i posted a style post today – do people really cae? 🙂 i think it’s so much fun tho, why not! your colors (and adorable facial expressions) inspire me. <3

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