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Mama Style :: Vintage Inspiration Makes the New, Old!

You have to understand,  summer in San Francisco is like fall every where else. Sometimes we get cold rain…sometimes we get heat…honestly, we never know what to expect! A cardigan really is a girl’s best friend. I’m always on a mission for cute outfits that make me feel happy but still let me keep up with my kiddo on the playground. This is the kind of thang I’ve been wearing around town!  Color (of course) but layers to anticipate a change in the sunshine factor!

As you guys know I’m a huge vintage addict, but honestly I think you can find cute stuff just about anywhere—if you  keep yer eyes open. I had seen a beaded cardigan in the Kate Spade window.  It was vintage inspired, but the color was a bold and punchie yellow. Most beaded vintage cardigans are black or dreamy pastels like baby blue and petal pink. I loved this modern twist Lady Kate was doing. It was SO lovely….but it was also $300. Ack. Plan B went into effect. Check this out:

+ Beaded cardigan, Target
+ Baby blue tee, Old Navy
+ Yellow eyelet skirt, Old Navy (also came in bright kelly green)
+ Golden rings necklace, vintage
+ Sunglass hat, Kate Spade
+ Plaid flower shoes, vintage miu miu

These are my favorite shoes ever….plaid with patent orange heels and trim and little flowers on the toes. They were a birthday prezzie from Greg several years ago (he wisely scooped them up on sale!). Yes, my guy is a most excellent gift giver!! I went a little spendy on my shoes and hat, but I think this outfit would look just as sweet with some stylie shoes or sandals from a more affordable brand.

So there you have it. A summery, mama-friendly ensemble!

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  1. Eartha Kitsch says

    I want YOUR kind of Summer! Super cute outfit and glad to know that they are still making sunglass hats. I love your color combinations and way of putting things together.

  2. Alix says

    Eartha you are the best! Thank you….xo

  3. jenny says

    YAY!!!!!!!! so good to see you. i love it all, you look adorable and i’m SO TOTALLY hot and sweaty jealous of your sf summers. today it was just AWFUL out. so thick and humid i hid out inside.

    keep up the mama style, you are an inspiration! it’s been AGES since i’ve done one of these too. 😉

    • Alix says

      mwuah! we do need to do this more, lady….it’s in our rooooots!

      meep! meep!

      • jenny says

        i was JUUUUUUUUUST talking to matty about this tonight. how it had been forever and that i think i needed it as a little motivational tool, if you will.

        you look gorgeous. you know i love all that color! beeeeeep beeeeeep!

  4. Dottie says

    I gotta say, I love it when you do these what I’m wearing posts. They make me smile!

    Those shoes are to die for. And actually the whole outfit is wonderful!

  5. teri says

    I love your cute and colorful get-up…but mostly i love that hat!

  6. flo says

    the shoes are awesome, and love that your husband picked it out!!

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