Meet Donovan! Our Weekly Kiddo

This week we have a very special kiddo who comes to us alllll the way from the sunny land down under. Donovan! I was lucky enough to meet this adorable little feller in January when he and his parents came for a visit. His mama is my super sweet friend Pilgrim who is so fun and creative and an extremely talented artist (she’s responsible for our groovy logo and artwork!). Pilgrim looooves color, so it’s no wonder her boy is a super snazzy dresser. Take a look at this three year old super cutie:

+ Awesome apple t-shirt by genki
+ Jeans by Target
(and yes, he’s holding a vintage Fisher Price Chime Apple! Woot!)

+ Yeti shirt by gama go
+ Jeans by Cotton On: Kids

+ Groovy T-shirt by tiny mammoth
+ Jeans by cotton on kids

+ Mickey Mouse Shirt, Disneyland
+ Mouse Ears, Disneyland

+ Shirt by seed, shorts by target

+ Hoodie by Paul Frank
+ Pants, Target

+ Hip lion singlet by primal point
+ Brown corduroy trousers by ouch!

Donovan is three and a half years old and such a sweet boy. He really loves to read and talk about the alphabet. Right now his favorite book is This is San Francisco, which he got when he and his parents travelled to our fair City in January. His favorite band is the Beatles (yay!) and he especially loves the song “All together now”. Donovan loves playing guitar with his dad and critiquing his mum’s designs which he always says “need more colors!” Donovan is most happy when he gets to have Mexican food for dinner and he currently can’t get enough of the Pee Wee’s Playhouse DVDs. This little charmer say that when he grows up he wants to “play piano in a marching band”. Awww, little dude….you rock! We can’t to see you again.

11 thoughts on “Meet Donovan! Our Weekly Kiddo

  1. Wow! Donovan, you look like a natural born model. Well done. I am impressed with the number of outfits that look so great on you. Way to go, dude!

  2. How awesome is it that he wants to play piano in a marching band. WHAT a super cutie! Those eyes! I love that lion singlet and his green giraffe friend too!

    Nice job, Pilgrim! Yay!

  3. Can you tell his mommy is a designer and totally stylish too? Man, we need to start the League of Uber Kiddos…..every person who reads MK has the cutest kids!! And the names….DONOVAN! STELLA! PIPPI! GEORGIA! WOLFIE! TRUMAN! DOROTHY! MAX! ELIZA! AUDREY! KAI! COOPER! GIA!
    The list goes on and on….

  4. aww thanks!! hehe we’re dying of pride over here 😉

    LOL the league of über kiddos sounds great! can you imagine them all together running riot at their Kiddo HQ?! i’m exhausted thinking about it!

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