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Meet the Peach! Our Weekly Kiddo!

Friends I’m bustin’ with pride today. Our Weekly Kiddo is none other than Miss Dottie’s amazing little Peach! With rosey cheeks and the sweetest smile you ever did see, this beautiful little girl is celebrating a birthday this weekend. Yup, the Peach is officially a grand Ol’ TWO!

Miss Dottie says that her Peachie’s style is all about mixin’ and matchin’. She wears loads of sassy vintage dresses, spunky leggings and a generous dollop of modern basics for a fun and comfy look. Let’s check out some of her adorable looks!

We start with a bang….this dress just might be my favorite. Sweet little vintage goodness with red ric-a-rac! What a dolly baby!

And this little seer sucker dressie is a dream! The teensy hair bow is so cute too…

I love Peach’s little neck scarves—so chic! Check out that rose-bud mouth. She’s a model in the making!

Aw yeah…..much as she loves the vintage, The Peach is also a modern glam girl! Check out these sassy spex!

Tee hee! That last one is a killer…
+ Molo jacket
+ Vintage elephant dress
+ Kawaii Kids leggings
+ Liv & Luca mushroom boots

+ Mod, orange dress made from vintage pillowcase, Etsy
+ Brown cardigan, Target
+ green and white stripe leggings, made by mama Dottie

It’s only fitting that Dottie’s little girlie loves POLKA DOTS! I love these leggings and the little tunic! And those Livi and Lucca mushroom booties are so cute:

This next one is so fab! She looks like a little Palm Springs Sprite!

+ green and white flower dressies, The Gap
+ Livi and Lucca red mary janes

The Peach sportin’ her Liberty of London romper!

Yay for a sweet little vintage green dressy on a sweet little lady! All she needs is a teensy kitty cat.

How terrific are all of these dressies? Well done, Miss Dottie! But you know what I reeeeally need to see again? It’s the Peach’s adorable Halloween gnome costume! This is probably the cutest thing around—bravo Dottie! And Miss Peach, you are pure stink town!

Her mama says:

“Miss Peach adores swimming (or schwimming as she calls it), pancakes, broccoli, yogurt, baby owls and all of her Golden books.  She loves art and is a great drawer. She enjoys wearing her hair in pony tails, and spending time not only with her grandparents and aunties but in the wonderful company of her dolls: “Baby,” “Other Baby,” “The Big One” and “Amy the Mermaid”. Her favorite thing to be is “cozy”—just like her Mama!  She is not a fan of bed time, bubblegum flavored medicine or the number 5.”

Oh little peachie, but we are a big fan of YOU! Happy birthday beautiful girl! I can’t wait to see what fun your mama has up her sleeve for your party!

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24 Responses

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  1. BethR says

    ridiculously cute! happy birthday!

  2. jena says

    Well that is one adorable peach, indeed! Happy Birthday little sweet one!

  3. RocketGirl says

    Oh, that elephant dress! SO cute! (Well, really, all of them are!)

    So looking forward to seeing her in person!

    • Dottie says

      Aw,thanks girl! And thanks for keeping my sane today. I smell like Pledge and Fantastic. HAHA!

  4. elizabeth antonia says

    i kept thinking i found my favorite picture but then i scrolled and scrolled and wow! the halloween shot is too much. happy birthday little darlin! grow tall and strong and be sweet to your mama!!

    • Dottie says

      Elizabeth, I nearly busted into sniffles on that last line. It made my night!

  5. Karen says

    Oh my, she is just so CUTE. Can’t wait to see her again. Happy birthday, little Peach!

    • Dottie says

      Let’s hope “snow” doesn’t keep you from the shindig tomorrow.Eek!

  6. Melinda says

    Peach rules!

  7. joslyn says

    happy birthday peach!!!

  8. eileen says

    Soooooooo cute!!!

  9. Lishyloo says

    Love her sooooo much

  10. 3 ring circus • heather says

    i adore that sweet little peach!!! happy birthday!!!

  11. Jenn says

    Adorable! Did I miss the info on the green horse/maid/tree jumper?

    • Alix says

      No, WE missed the info on that! I’ll have to ask Dottie….she didn’t specify, and I think it’s so cute!

    • Dottie says

      Ah–that I actually made for her! I bought the fabric I think from and used a Leila and Ben pattern from Etsy! I also used that for the brown with blue dots pinafore as well!

      • Alix says

        You are a master seamstress! I need to hire you to hem me some garments, mama! haha

  12. emily says

    love the livie and luca shoes!

    • Dottie says

      I’m such a big fan Livie and Luca shoes–they are so stylish and are one of the very few shoe brands that fit her very very wide footies! Sigh!

  13. PuNk rAwK pUrL says

    she is sooo adorable!
    Happy Birthday Little Miss Peach!

  14. Dottie says

    And thanks all for the wonderful early birthday wishes for Miss Peach. We just put her down for a nice long sleep–let’s hope she enjoys that partay! Whoohoo!!!

  15. Krista says

    Happy, happy birthday Peach! When do I get to make a cake for that child – hmmm???

    • Dottie says

      WHAT? I thought you weren’t doing cakes this year? Waaah!!! I would have JUMPED at that!

  16. Kellie MiniMustHave says

    So unbelievably cute!! Hope the little Peach had a fabulous birthday.

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